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Time for a new Helmet - Suggestions!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by c0rrupt, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Ok, so it's time I get myself a new lid. I have no set preference other than it be a full face helmet, preferably on the lighter side and looks good (I know this is relative but want to hear everyone's point) Will probably be one of the Arai/Shoei/Suomy/Shark/Bell/AGV variety, would lobe to see pics of yours (this could be a sort of review and 'show us your lids thread)

    EDIT:If you are going to make a suggestion could you please state why you think it's good along with benefits/drawbacks etc, as just a helmet brand and model number just defeats the purpose of the thread. Thanks.

    Seriously digging this one:


    And over to you netrider!
  2. I personally have a Shoei TZ-X and am very happy with it. Next one might be a Arai as have heard great things about it but you could also check out AGV and/or Shark.

    I do have a funny shaped head and I wear glasses so didn't have many options. :p

    I also have heard good things about Schuberth Helmets from a fellow NR Member. They make helmets for BMW so are pretty darn good.
  3. Oh I have to say, totally digging the design of that bell!
    But I've got one of Takamii's rhok helmets and have to say more than totally satisfied hehe :)
  4. Nolan n103 ..
  5. And.... you suggest this helmet because it has/does/feels/costs......
  6. have seen Tak's Rhok helmet in melb, light as a feather, looks the goods too..
  7. Personally I think the HJC FS15 is the most comfortable helmet I've every had.

    My wife thinks her Arai is the best and most comfortable helmet she's worn.

    Basically, it doesn't matter what other people think, it's what fits YOUR head the best the counts the most.
  8. Mick, yeah I get that, I just want to know others would suggest and why. All info can be used in making a decision, and it's also nice to see other shapes and sizes when people submit a photo too.
  9. In that case, I reckon the Shoei helmets are pretty damn good, I'd have one except my glasses don't seem to fit in properly.

    I've tried on a few Shark helmets and I find the chin piece is a tad too close to my chin for comfort.

    I had an AGV X vent (Goddard replica) years ago, but I changed bikes and on the new bike, at anything approaching 100kmh, it felt like the helmet was going to pull my head off.

    Every other brand of helmet just didn't fit properly.
  10. Nolan Helmets -

    Pros - Very comfortable, Great Anti-fog system, Tint visor is pretty cool, Ventilation works great, Light weight helmet + if you pay extra then you can get Ncom system installed which can facilitate mp3, bluetooth, rider to pillion connectivity + 5 Year Warranty

    Cons - A lil pricey, some people complain about noise but I find it very quiet.

    As Mike mentioned - Search online for helmets that look great or some look you want and try them on.
  11. Cheers Mick, exactly the sort of stuff I was hoping for (y)
  12. I have just bought a shoei X-12 on special for $800 reduced from $1200.
    Great fit but the noisiest helmet i have ever had,this doesnt worry me as the vetilation is unreal
  13. Jebus, for $1200 albeit reduced to 800 bucks i'd want that thing to be BOSE sound reduction fitted!!
  14. You might need to check a few things. Shoei's are pretty good when it comes to noise. What sort of noise are you experiencing? Is it like a sharp whistling sound even when the visor is locked? Or something else?
  15. Well i like my head and do a lot of track days so in the heat the vetilation is important as overheating can afect concentration and lead to fatige.
    Also there is no way you can fog this helmet,the chin guard is a good distance fron my chin and fits my head good.Also there are emergency tabs on the sides so that pressure can be released from pulling out the cheek pads without removing the helmet.
  16. i wont boy another arai ive got 2 and i keep breaking the side pods on them
  17. i have an arai vector and found it to be great.
    very light and fits really well and snugly.
    i have found the ventilation to be great...can actually feel the breeze come thru when vents on top are open.
    visor doesnt even think about fogging even on really cold days (has little visor vents which clear the screen).
    i love it....
    although, it can be noisy and if the visor is right up it shreiks at certain speeds, although with visor down it isnt too bad, but i wear earplugs on long trips anyway.
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  19. I must admit, I'm curious about the icon helmets, no doubt they have a great range of colours and graphics but the price range has always made me think they are inferior quality to the other more expensive brands, that and I almost never see anyone with one.
  20. I ride with a SHOEI-XR1100

    Fantastic Lid - I think I will only ever buy shoei from now on.
    Previous helmet was a HJC - left a fair bit to be desired

    Check out sharp as a rating tool - Independently assessed at laboratory standards (y)