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Time for a new Bike - (Times Up)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Stimpy, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Hello ppls

    As the subject says I'm after my next bike.
    As I am relatively new to the bike world I'm after as much advice as I can get.
    I did my L's on my current bike which I've had since new for 3 years now, its a Kawasaki Vn250 Eliminator.
    Great bike but it has now served its purpose and I'd like to move up a bit.

    I'm after a similar type of machine but with a bit more giddy up. And as I am a rather larger type of fellow I found the 250 was a great bike to learn on, it use to sit on 100 Ok but usually took its time to get there and lacked any real overtaking power which was a pain when you came up behind someone doing around 85 or so.

    Its not for commuting purposes just as a weekender (and any other spare time I can get to ride).

    Budget will be what ever I can get for the 250 plus about 5-6 K
    No real preferences for Brand etc as I have no idea whats good and whats not.
    Which is why I am asking you guys (and girls)

    Any advice appreciated.
  2. what sort of riding style do u prefer? upright/cruiser/naked, or sports or supersports.

    i guess once u've decided what type of bike u prefer then choose the appropriate model :)

    have fun !
  3. Re: Time for a new Bike

  4. Well I've only ever riden the Bike I have now which I suppose is more of a cruiser type.
    I'm not really into the lyin flat rokkit up ya bum type. :)
  5. From what your have said ,sounds like your still after a cruiser,so.
    Take a look at the suzuki M50 boulevard,or the C50 , it's 800cc middle weight cruiser ,sits on 130kph all day long ,it's got alot of ground clearance so it's good for a cruiser in the twisty.
    There about $11,000 ride away, so you might be able to get a demo or second hand one for $9000.
  6. An M50 used should be around 8-9k.

    I paid 10600 for mine (new) in Nov last year, but it included new boots and skid lid.

    I have 8000km on mine, and could be tempted by 9k?
    I want a M109 now!
  7. Stimpy DUDE your in Lancefield, I'm in Romsey, lets go for a ride together! I suggest to go an sit on a few bikes first, don't lock yourself into another cruiser yet. There are heaps of naked and semi-faired bikes on the market that offer a comfortable upright riding position.

  8. VT750 - most popular Jap Cruiser, plenty of customising options as well.

    Don't know what your bike's worth, but if you can get to $10-$12K, you could get a second hand Harley Sportster - but try for an 04 or later model due to rubber mounting of the engines.

    All the best for the search
  9. Sounds like a plan

    Give us some examples
    What do you mean by Naked? (sorry as I said I'm still a noob)
  10. naked = without fairings or plastic/fibreglass bits
  11. Thanks nixon-chic..... makes sense

    I'm going to go and sit on a few this weekend I think.
    I've been sniffin round some websites and I kinda like the look of the Kwakka VN800 and VN900 anyone have any thoughts on those??
  12. I'm with Sleddog on this; he's had a great run with the Suzuki, and it ought to be near the top of your list. Go hit you local Suzuki dealer up for a test ride!
  13. Well I've ridden the VN900 and was very impressed. Seemed to fit very nicely and also had plenty of giddy up as well.
    I also rode the Yamaha XVS650 Classic, it too seemed ok although it was a bit smaller physically.
    I reckon I need to go for a bigger bike physically than the 650 as I seemed to be a bit cramped. Haven't had a chance to sit on the Suzuki yet but I think thats going to be a bit small as well.
    Next on the list to try is the XVS1100 unless anyone else has some recommendations.

    Cheers Stimpy
  14. Go have a sit on a suzuki. It's not as small as you think. Also the yamaha 1100 did have an issue with oil filter. Have to drop the exhaust to get to it. :shock: They may have moved it on the new model.

    Going by your budget the kwaka is way too much. The suzuki is a couple of grand cheaper & has been around for 8 / 9 years with little change so it is a proven reliable bike.

    Only problem I have with the C50 is the groung clearance but that is a cruiser issue.
  15. dont forget to check harley

    it is a cruiser too
  16. But if I get a Harley won't people stop waving to me... :wink:

    Actually they were going top give me 6 for mine which would have been a 4K changeover which wasn't bad it was a 2006 model 3500 k's but I dunno it just didnt feel like a newish bike, lots of rattles and bumps etc. might have been dropped. anyway it was the first one I rode so I wasn't gonna do anything there and then.
  17. Allright I've sat on a suzuki now and I'll be test ridin it later this week.
    Your right I was mistaken with the size. Looks very good, and its in the right dollar bracket as well.
    After a bit of research the C50 is actually bigger in size than the XVS1100.

    Whats peoples thoughts re air cooled or water cooled, Pro's Con's? Also these are shaft drive, are they better than chain or belt driven?

    Cheers Stimpy

    [Edit] Makes no never mind now. I pick up my new Suzuki C50 on Saturday - bitchin!!!!!!