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Time for a new big cat?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Spots, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. So, I've had my 2007 Tiger 1050 ABS for four and a half years and 60,000km.

    It has fantastic custom suspensionings on it, but I kinda wonder if I should replace its tall sportsbike-wheeled sportiness with something more amenable to offroad excursions and exploration.

    Is it time to trade it for a 2012 Tiger 800XC ABS?

  2. The 800 performs very well on road as well. My dad has one and he hustles it along very well. I've ridden it a few times and the engine is a peach.
  3. It has to be said. The 800XC is by all accounts very good, but if you really want to get into the dirt the BM is better at that.
    And the KTM even better again.
  4. Do you do much adventuring Spots?
    I really like the idea of strapping down a tent and hitting the bush, but an ADV bike would probably be third on my list and I've neither the space nor the money right now...
  5. A little, yeah. Admittedly I've been doing cross-country mountainbiking a lot longer than I've been a motorcyclist. Despite this my Tiger 1050's had a few hundred kilometres of unpaved roads under its paws, and four creek crossings. :angel:

    It should be said that my adventuring with motorised vehicles has been more to do with ambitious navigational attempts turning sour than me having delusions about the design intent of a 1040kg sportscar or an oversized sportsbike, both on semislicks. ;)

    With that in mind, lately I'm finding myself less interested in sneaking ridiculous horsepower and ridiculous lean angles past the watchful eyes of the law and more in the technical aspects of slower riding. It'd be nice to take a vehicle offroad which has some degree of crashworthiness and offroad design intent. And real offroad tyres.
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  6. This is true.

    (Though technically speaking, a tiny 50 kilogram single-cylinder KTM-Husky-Suzuki DR150SMX motocross bike with no seat would be better again offroad... And if one believes the ADVrider crowd from overseas, anything heavier can't go offroad and is simply posing. And they're quite right - a tiny motocross bike with hardcore knobblies is probably the best offroad machine, but leaves a little to be desired in the street-legality and comfort and range categories. Such complexities are probably why I've stayed so far away from going offroad as long as I have. )

    Flippancy aside, the KTM equivalent and F800GS would also be options, you're right. :)
  7. heavier is a problem when it lands on you.
    and it does.
  8. Hey Spots,

    I got an XC since we last met.
    Ive just had my 10,000 service (about 1,000 late).
    Mine is not an ABS one. Done about 2000kms on dirt so far and I love it.
    Its not the most powerful thing but it is able to exceed the limit.
    The screen is rubbish, the air hits me just above the top of the visor so it would get you full on the helmet. I will probably try without the screen or get a power bronze short screen. I don't want a taller screen it may be a problem when I am up on the pegs.
  9. Keep tiger with the fancy springy bits and use what you'd pay on changeover to grab a cheap DRZ400E/DR650 for your proper adventuring?