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Time for a new battery?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Layzie, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. Battery died on me yesterday evening as I was about to jump on the bike to go home. Made that clicking noise again when i tried to start it up. Got a mate to help me push start it.
    I got it home and checked the volts while connected to the bike and key turned on. It was sitting on about 9V. Connected it to the charger and fully charged it up
    Put the battery on this morning and she started up with no problems. I didnt take it for a ride tho, just let it run for about 10mins.

    Was about to go for a ride just then. It started up and all of a sudden engine shut down. So i tried again and it started up again and shut down straight away. (Duh! I forgot to turn on the fuel tap).
    So turned on the fuel tap and pressed start button. It was struggling to start but she didn't turn over. Tried again, and it made that fkn clicking noise again. Its really doing my head in.
    If you guys think its the battery I'll go get a new one. Any shop in Melbourne where I can buy a new battery?

  2. Earliest sign that it is at nearing the end of it's life. Keeping it conditioned and topped up on the trickle charger between rides may delay getting a replacement.
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  3. i just got a new battery from amx... it was a mottobatt AGM one for $90. i was going to go and get a lithium one but this one did have a 1 year warranty so i thought "why not" ... time will tell if it will be any good..
    i found on ebay you can get lithium batteries anywhere between $120-$160 they are SSB ones and they look pretty good..
    i have been riding pretty much everyday doing 40ks and day and today has been the only time i have not ridden.. but i think ill invest in a trickle charger for when i dont ride for more then a few days and keep it toped up all the time
  4. Yeah a trickle charger might work for me since i don't ride everyday.
    This is the battery thats giving me grief atm..


    Would it cause any harm to the battery if i buy a new battery and leave it on a trickle charger when not in use?
  5. Buy a new one.
    The mottobatt ones are good for a good price. (They are open Sunday too)
    A trickle charger will do a lot more good than harm but it wont save your dead one.
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  6. hi layzle ,you should check your bike is charging before u buy a nother battery ,with motor running u should have 13 to 14 volts at battery terminals
  7. Battery World outlets will have similar pricing to AMX.
    These bikes do not charge at all below 4,000 rpm, so an idling engine is actually draining the battery.
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  8. It does sound like your battery is dying. It will charge, but is not holding much for long. Essentially just a surface charge.
    If you have a good battery charger you might get a few more months out of it by giving it a deep charge, or reconditioning charge.

    If you don't ride often then using a trickle charger can help keep your battery up, or fully charged.
    You need to be a little careful though.
    If it's just a dumb charger and it's just trickle charging, then it may not produce sufficient current to really charge your battery back to full, it just stops it going flat.
    Too much current over time will also damage your battery.
    If it's a intelligent/clever charger then all worries should be gone.

    Most auto stores will sell motorbike batteries too. IE Repco, SCA, Autoburn. Just go to your closest, or do a quick online search for motorbike batteries.
    You just need to match the physical size.
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  9. Oxford have a nice speccy trickle charger.

    Motorcycle specific trickle chargers come in two parts; the charger bit with a tail and the battery lead - the two connecting via some kind of plug. Fit the battery lead and cable tie off the connector plug at a convenient spot on the bike. That way you simply park the bike and plug the trickle charger tail to the battery lead and walk away.
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  10. Is it normal for a battery to rapidly discharge when ONLY turning the key to ON but not starting the bike? So only electrics, speedo lights and headlight ON. Or does this only happen to batteries that are about to die?

    I'v been using this charger:

    I was looking at this Ctek trickle charger on eBay. Might be a good investment if I get one of these: Express Post Ctek XS0 8 Trickle Battery Charger 12V CAR Motor Bike ATV Comfort | eBay
  11. Your battery is FUBAR.

    Get a new one.
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  12. copied from battery world's FAQ

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  13. That's the surface charge. The charger thinks the voltage is correct so stops charging, but there's no power in the battery.

    I'll have a look for some details on it if I can identify the model.

    Yes, that would be pretty good. You could actually go down a size if they have one rated for 1 - 20Ah that's cheaper.
  14. Iv done some research and im down to two batteries to choose from:
    - SSB PowerSport RTX7L-BS: 175CCA, 6Ah - $52
    - Motobatt AGM MBTX7U: 115CCA, 8Ah - $99
  15. It looks pretty good. "Desulphation" "4 Stage"
    Can you get the make and model off the back ?
    A 4 stage charger is pretty good, as it won't overcharge, and the Desulphation is reconditioning the battery so it should be keeping the battery in top shape, if it's all real and not just fancy words stuck on the package. If it's all real then it's probably not far off the CTek.
    Can you select the mode or is it all automatic ?
  16. Here's a photo of the back..


    Its all automatic.

    I did use it the other night and let it run through the process which took about 1.5hrs. It started up fine a couple of times the next day but it eventually discharged. Charged it up again last night. I haven't ridden today but will try start it up tomorrow morning.
    But will definitely get a new battery sometime during the weekend.
  17. Is there a brand or model number shown anywhere ?
  18. For the price the SSB Powersport looks pretty good.
  19. a standard halogen headlight would be 55W =4.5amps.
    that means a 6Ahr battery would be fully drained in 1hr 20 mins...

    but battery should still be ok to start bike after maybe 20min of headlight action..

    as battery dies, the capacity decreases.. so might only have 0.5 or 1Ahr capacity...or less.. so headlight on rapidly uses up that capacity.

    the CTek 0.8A charger will fully charge the 8Ahr battery in 10hrs.. perfect size and don't really need a smaller one.
    I think I got one of those from same ebay seller.. but Repco had a sale recently for about same price
    Repco Catalogues
    $59 Fathers day sale.. http://images.lasoomedia1.com.au/im..._725f_4730_abc4_e2df091ab1f0_00000001_ORG.jpg

    your charger looks like this one 12V 8A Automatic Reverse Pulse Deep Cycle Battery Charger
    that's 8A... good for car battery, and could charge bike battery fully in 1 hour. doesn't mean the battery will pull all 8A though..
    someone else can comment if it is appropriate for charging bike battery..
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  20. FWIW, Supercheap are SuperExpensive for bike batteries... They were $110 for a Katana battery (cheaper Yuasa), whereas local battery shop was $80...
    Autobarn seemed to have better prices than SC..

    eg Katana Motorcycle Battery - YTX7L-BS - Supercheap Auto Australia
    Katana Motorcycle Batteries - HobartWe supply All Batteries & Solar related products to the people of Hobart - We also ship Australia wide!