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Time for a change

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Ian, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. I have racked up 12,000 k's on my M50 (first bike) and really like it, but since moving to FNQ I have found roads that have me wanting more.

    In recent weeks I have riden a supersport (R1), sports tourer (Triumph Sprint) and a bigger cruiser (M109R).

    The cornering ability of the sports bikes was fantastic, but the riding position (particularly weight on arms/wrists) just wasn't for me.

    The M109 was fantastic, lazy power, awesome sound, and the riding position that had me leaning more forward than the M50 was very comfortable. But, in the few corners the dealer lead me around I was suprised by what felt like much less cornering clearance than the M50 and heavier handling. I know it's a bigger bike with an obscenely wide rear tyre, but is there a different technique to riding this sort of bike through corners?

    I expected the M50 to be a bit more nimble through bends, but not that much. If there is a trick to it (shoulder position, weight transfer, countersteering etc) then I think I have found my next bike.

    Any advice or opinions appreciated.
  2. Speak to peter-reebok. I think he went from the M50 to an M109
  3. Get used to scraping!
    The pegs fold up, this way you can ride past the edge of the tyre.

    Last weekend, we had 42 109's at Toowoomba - You should have come for a look!.
    We went for a 'ride' to esk, at warp speeds, ie 160-200kmh, and everyone felt like they had some in reserve.
    They go round corners well, just dont back off too quickly, keep the power on and the pegs lift up some. After an hour of this, we had some 'police assistance' to help us behave.
  4. Thanks Peter, would love to have seen it - a bit far from Cairns though.

    Looks like I'll have to get used to scraping the pegs a bit more than I currently do.
  5. scraping the pegs might sound like fun, until you do it on the reflectors in the middle of the road. usually takes a day or so for the ringing to stop :shock:
  6. @PeterReebok's photo

    "Yes sir, you can have your M109 in any colour - as long as it's black." :LOL:
  7. Only real cruisers come in black. :cool:
  8. I reckon this is much nicer :p

  9. I saw some pictures of the new 109 the other day. The headlight cowl is the most obvious change, though not sure it is for the better.

    Either way, a great looking bike that I am quickly talking myself into, minister for fun and finance is another matter though.
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  11. Look closer - 4 Orange, and 3-4 Blues in there as well.

    And a few that had been custom painted.
    Interestingly enough, it was amusing to see, even with 35+ black 109's, everyone knew which bike was theirs. immediately.
    And when the police wanted to 'stop and help us' there was a little joy in knowing that 'the black one' could have been any of us. Making it harder to identify properly any single rider.
  12. Rhyno,

    That looks interesting. I wonder if it will be released in Aus?

    Good to see they moved the speedo onto the bars, but I much prefer the shroud around the radiator on the 109.

    Had a look at the red M109 last time I was down in Brizzie. I've got to say it looks better in the pictures than in real life. They went from an over the top colour with the orange one to barely having any colour at all.

    I've seen a couple of the limited edition blue ones (one with a white seat) that looked good.

    At the end of the day I'd be very happy with a stock standard black one.

    With new models comming on line, will the '07 M109 come down much in price?

    I wonder how many stock brokers had just finished running in their 109's before the crash? Could be some bargains about.
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  14. Note that there are 2 versions of 109 - C109 (cruising) and M109R.

    The cruising one gets a detuned engine (torque down lower)
    The M version is the performance version.
    Different wheels, tyres, etc etc.
  15. I wonder what pittance I'd be offered if I tried to trade in my 9 month old 50...
  16. I paid 9500 drive away for my M50, and a year later accepted 8000, with 15600klm on the clock, and with the scars from a roo strike.

    You might be surprised how much you will get!.
    I also only paid 17000 drive away for the 109, making the changeover palatable.
  17. After the test ride on the 109, I asked the dealer what I would get for a trade.

    My M50 has nearly 12,000 k's, factory exhaust mod, Suzuki billet rack and back rest with the Boulevard logo plate, Iso grips and John Skit's forward control kit (all purchased from the States back when the dollar was 96 cents :grin: ). He offered $6.5K.

    I reckon I'd get $8K - $8.5K easy on a private sale.

    I might wait untill I'm back in Brisbane and see what the guy's at Springwood Suzuki can do. Before I left I asked out of curiosity what the change over would cost (bike only had about 8,000K's then) and they said they could put me on a new M109 for about $9K.
  18. Springwood seem to be making the right moves.
    In my case, I was happy to accept a bike that had been on the floor for 2-3 months. At that point, the shop has to start paying interest - they may be willing to do better for something on the floor.
  19. Thanks for the tip Peter.

    Last time I was there they did have one of the limited edition blue ones (more on display than "on the floor"). They didn't seem too keen to part with it.