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time expectancy of a roadworthy?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by damien613, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. delete post please

  2. Some workshops are busy, some are bad at communication, some are just bad...

    I suggest you call them & tell them firmly & calmly exactly how unhappy you are with their service & (lack of) communication.
  3. Who was it?
  4. Bloody motorbike workshops. There all just a pack of ****z.
  5. I would suspect just bad communication rather than laziness or bad service.
    More than likely they are waiting for parts to come in. Parts suppliers are hopelessly inefficient in the motor trade, bikes included.
    The workshop should have told you that it might be like this, but taking it elsewhere may not have made it any quicker.

    You really want to see inefficiency - try a warranty claim...
  6. Sometimes a pre-sale inspection by the mechanic will help overcome these kind of drama's (timewise)

    Suck it up unfortunately for you

  7. well apparently we are waiting on a rear taillight bracket (dreading on how this is going to look as compared to the custom setup that was on it) before work commences which is due today?? I have worked as a panel beater so understand that there can be wait on parts on occasions and I currently (unfortunately) work in retail and understand that customer service / interaction is so important to running a smooth business...

    I had heard good things about the service centre my bike is at, and I dont feel the need to name and shame (unless my bike returns to me scratched / running like turd) however I have never come across such shitfull customer communication. I was told the parts would be fine when I dropped it off, if there were a problem than a simple call on their behalf would have been great rather than me chasing them down each day getting angrier and angrier each day... and with all this said, my bike will never return here for future services...
  8. Mate, I understand you wanting to get your new bike on the road asap but maybe back up a bit. They looked at the bike wednesday and probably ordered the parts, which would have been despatched thursday afternoon if your lucky and they probably recieved them friday sometime. You are not their only customer and so they would have other works to complete to cover running costs rather than sitting around wating for the parts to finish your job, Yes, I agree that customer service (ie: phone calls) do help but it doesn't happen and purely is not viable/warranted on some works.

    Hope you enjoy the new ride....and I appreciate how keen you are.

    My bike is sitting in the shed waiting to be riddden ](*,)

  9. I shudder when I read stories like this - people buying vehicles without roadworthies and not knowing what it will cost to repair.

    I hope that the OP got the bike for a good price.

    As for his original question about "time expectancies of a roadworthy", it's more about general repair work. And how long is a piece of string which should be the answer.