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Time and Place, Safe speeding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Noidea, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. I went for a ride up in the Dandenongs (Victoria) the other weekend and saw no less than 7 speed traps but then went up there again mid week after 5 pm and there wasn't one so it got me thinking.

    Before the naysayers get on their horse and proclaim there is no such thing a "safe speeding" please save it for another thread. I'm happy to report that in 25 years of driving, I've only ever lost 1 demerit point for speeding however I would never profess not to speed. It's actually impossible so why lie.

    I've heard many mention "time and a place" where you're less likely to be pinged by Mr Plod or a Greed Camera so I would like guidance on where that might be. I'm not after specific locations, but more a guide on environment etc.

    • Don't speed as you coming into towns and the posted limit drops to 50/60.
    • Don't speed in 40/50 zones.
    • Don't speed on long straights.

    Where do you believe it's safe to speed so you're not going to bother anyone or get pinged?

  2. Are you a cop looking for new hiding places? :peeking:
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  3. In the backblocks of NSW and Q'land, where you have fairly long distances between towns, it's only on the last 10 to 15 kms to the next town that you seriously worry about the cops being there.

    I mean like why would the cops drive all that far into the middle of noplace, just to pick up a few speeding tickets?
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  4. Most of the back roads around where I live.
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  5. anytime or place where you're not likely to harm anyone else if it goes wrong
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  6. ...and some of the mainish roads too.

    Heading to SA, there are some amazingly small, two lane roads, with a speed limit of 110 kph, and the truckies, who use those roads regularly, tend to be twenty or so above that limit.!
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  7. there you have it officer.... have fun!
  8. Any place where there is a motorcycle advisory sign is prime hunting ground.
    They look for favourite playgrounds (especially those discussed online), locations with a history of serious crashes, and places where the locals have complained about hooning.
    I feel comfortable when I'm the only rider I've seen all day.
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  9. The local cops have got their hands full dealing with ICE addicts and car thieves.
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  10. That's the sort of advice I'm after Titus. Great tip.

    Signs like these ...?
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    most of the dandenongs has residential properties spread along the roadside, and has a much lower limit so for this reason I'd not really support any time and place thoughts there(edit* but are also well known policed regions*)...however....blackspur, reefton, ej road, great alpine rd etc...are much nicer time and place backdrops.

    but each to their own I guess.
  12. In my experience, if you run into what appears to be some form of task force thats been asked to DISCOURAGE motorcycling on a particular road it doesn't matter what your doing you will get a ticket, or at least pull up for a chat.
    There was a time where I thought, keeping up corner speed but not accelerating between bends might be sufficient to avoid any issue. Nope. Just being there is enough provocation. Its.Its a game of playing the odds, In remote areas north of the NSW border its been okish, but there was once lots of activity on The Alpine Way well past Dead Horse Gap on a run. Had the Spidy Tingles half way between Oberon and Goulbourne once and found a HP car sitting off the road mid bend. I haven't actually ridden on the dark side of the moon but maybe they dont go there yet.I am a bit detuned re riding at the moment ,getting a bit sick of playing Russian Roulette with my licence.BTW I am not talking about riding balls to the wall, just a bit of spirited sports biking.
  13. its really abit of an oxymoron... i dont think there is anywhere "safe" to speed.
    but whose safe? the rider? the licence or the other road users?

    If one of the above go wrong...then neither are safe...so its hardly safe at all.
  14. You're right Drzexa. A lot of the Dandenongs are 50/60k zones and full of the tea and scone zombies who drive rather erratically and it's not safe to exceed the limit which is why I made mention of slowing down for towns.
    Reefton however is a cracker and doesn't seem to see as much activity as the spur (which I usually stay away from).
  15. Well, in a way, you are right.

    You could be doing 300 kph down the main straight at Phillip Island race track, and get your head ripped off by a dopey seagull.

    If you are old enough to have a bike licence, you are grown-up enough to make your own decisions.

    If you really want safe...stay in bed....
    Oh, wait, lots of people die in bed.
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  16. Sorry but I'm not after definitions or sermon's in this thread and will be more than happy to discuss it somewhere else.

    I'm after tips as per the thread title.

  17. Hang on...you wants tips...to speed?

  18. If a tree falls in the forest, and there is no LIDAR there to record it's terminal velocity... has it really broken the law?
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  19. On a race track!
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  20. Relatively speaking, speed, or at least the speed you can attain on the average road registered motorcycle, isn't unsafe in terms of harming ones self. But has you say, if it goes pear shaped then yes it can get somewhat messy. But, given far more people die from heat disease each year, I'm relatively comfortable with occasionally breaking the sign posted speed limit where I deem it safe to do so.