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Time and a place for everything...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rossc0, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. And this defiantly wasn’t it. First commute on my new bike after having it for 8 weeks and only managing about 500K’s, (after a 16 year break). I rode from the Central Coast to North Sydney, up to Dee Why, to fix my boss’s wireless network, and then up Mona Vale Rd, Pacific Hwy, and back on to the F3 to Gosford. Sitting in the fast lane of the F3 @ about 120kph, I find out the petrol warning light doesn’t work, no coughing or spluttering, just died. Got about 36 inches of tarmac on the outside of the lane before the grass and trees. Manage to keep it in one piece, stop, and get off, relies what’s happened and put it on reserve. Then the scary bit, trying to merge back into the fast lane, and not one bugger slowed down to let me in……!

    Get to next exit, find a petrol station and put 23L in, and try of start of home, every time I put it in gear the engine dies, must have tried for 5 mins, must have looked like a complete tool. Bloody side stand still down, must still have been flustered from the running out of petrol incident, that’s my excuse anyway. :?

    Oh well lesson learned, check the tank before heading off, and get the bulb fixed!

  2. Oh Ross, what a comedy of errors. Never mind, no harm done at least.

    And you're right, you pull off on the F3, anywhere, and you take your life in your hands pulling back on again.....
  3. I could've made millions on Australia's Funniest Home Videos if I had taped that!

    Don't worry about it, we all do it at least once. You just managed to condense it all into a short period of time :p.
  4. :LOL:

    I've done both of those. The last time I ran out of petrol, I was probably less than 2km from home... :oops:

    Good think there's a petrol station a few hundred metres from home. :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Do you have a fuel light?

    Most bikes with taps don't normally have fuel lights?
  6. Vic, yes but it obviously doesn't work :(

  7. Of course nobody would. You were supposed to give way to them and not them to you.
  8. [quote="kanduli01Of course nobody would. You were supposed to give way to them and not them to you.[/quote]

    In know, but try getting up to 120 - 130kph on about 2 foot of tar, grass and trees on one side and rush hour freeway traffic on the other. Common sense should dictate, that someone would let you back on the road. But then again we all know common sense isn't that common.

  9. Unless you're ridden that road, Ed, that WAS a pretty silly comment. Yes you do have to give way, but if you are trying to merge back in and there's no cars in the middle lane, courtesy dictates that the car in the left lane should move across INTO that lane and let the car/bike take the left lane and get up to speed.....
  10. If you had some experience, my young friend, I might take that sort of comment seriously. But since you are obviously a tyro, I'll let it go by, except to say that since I was driving and riding that road before you were born, I suspect I might know a bit about it.....
  11. Well I guess it just depends on if you have basic manners or not, doesn't it? I've pulled away from the left lane into the centre lane on that road, and others hundreds of time to allow people to pull back on and get up to speed, and had it done for me hundreds of times too, but, of course......
  12. Enough!!!

    You're both right. Legally, the person in the emergency lane should wait....practically, they could be there for a thousand moons, so courtesy dictates that others should/could slow, signal or move to allow the vehicle to merge back in. Even 36 inches is enough to start the process, but not to 120kmh...

    Anyway, what are people doing 120+ for? Don't they know that speed kills? :roll:
  13. hehehe
    in firefox you press F1 for help :LOL:

    you poor bugger
  14. 10 posts and already resorting to that crap.
    way to win friends and influence people.
    its called ettiquette ericastan..... :?
  15. Where's the crap part of his post ? Be careful about speaking your mind EricaStan , you must agree and obey them (just a select few , not all of them) . As for the merging . If you cant get up to speed on 36 inches of tarmac then you should of kept that jacket hanging up .
  16. Why am I in 'hidden mode"?

    I'm tempted to say, "So I can hide from stupid people", but it's probably because I'm a Moderator on Netrider ?!

    HEY DAVE, long time no hear, how are you?? Any chance of seeing you THIS time when I come down to Melbourne :oops:???
  17. Pretty simple, and no need to get into a penis-measuring contest. There's what's legally required, then there's what's courteous and considerate. There's room for both in the world.
  18. Yep common courtesy to move over and let people on - but then your also legally required to keep left unless overtaking :-k :p :LOL:
  19. right about here====> (btw why you in 'hidden' mode?) :roll: :roll:
    its simply not relevant
    congrats for backing them though, no no....you did well
    nuff said
  20. :rofl: