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Tim holding wearing blinkers.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Seany, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. Don't get me wron, blinkers are great but the should be used, not worn.


    I wonder why Tim thinks a 10% tollerance is such a bad idea. It's good enough for ADR's, it's good enough for the RACV and was plenty good enough for the Bracks government before the fixed camera fad.

    Quite frankly I couldn't give a stuff what the penalty is, as long as people can avoid it by taking reasonable steps to avoid it such as using their speedo. What I would like to see is an aknowledgement from the Bracks government that multiple factors can contribute to a vehical accident.

  2. In 2001 there were 444 people killed on Victoria's roads - last year, 346 fatalities.
    what happened to 2002,2003and2004 obviously these figures were not required by bracks boys I mean we dont want accuracy after all just more cameras as they reduce nothing whilst increasing stevies coffers
  3. Seany, pfft - don't get me started, you should know that blinkers, red lights, turning arrows painted on the road, head checking and general adherence to the road rules are all optional now. Road rules are only a "suggested guide" that most people have forgotten, if indeed they ever knew them! Failure to adhere to the road rules has nothing to do with causing accidents, you can do the most stupid things on the road and as long as you are not 3kms over the limit it will be alright. After all driver's time is so valuable these days. (All of the above are just observations I make every time I am on the road, trying to obey the road rules - sometimes at my own peril - but apparently Mr Holding believes it - IDIOT!) We were watching the news on Friday night and there was an item on the road toll featuring a car wrapped around a telegraph pole - the driver was hurt but alive. However for the first time ever the Police said "Speed was NOT a factor". The pesky pole must have just jumped out on the road! Sarcasm stops now.
  4. You all forget that politicians are a beast which will do anything to remain in power and anything to get into power.

    When was the last time you heard a policy that looked any further forward than the mileage they could get for the next election or pandered to a small (usually tree hugging or non anglo) minority.

    Our roads have been a disgrace for years and the government should've kept ahead of the increased traffic and not keep applying bandaid solutions after a problem surfaces.

    I could go on but I've got to log off and head south west for the night.
  5. Probably left out deliberately to disguise the fact that that last years toll wasn't in fact a sudden drop - the figures for 02,03 and 04 being 397, 330 and 343 respectively (so if anything it's actually gone up slightly). They also seem to have overlooked the fact that 1994's toll was only 377 - and this was before the widespread use of speed cameras :-k.
  6. Another area that they seem to overlook (and this has been covered here elsewhere) is the Geelong section of the Princes Highway.

    Before it was upgraded to handle the volumes of traffic that it carries, there were numerous fatalities. Since 2003 when it became fully operational following the improvements, there has yet to be any fatalities.

    However, it's only this year that they've turned on the cameras. And they've been getting thousands of hits.

    So, logic seems to dictate (to me at least) that prior to the 2006 that the users of that road would have been speeding, as there were no cameras to constantly monitor them. Drivers don't suddenly start speeding because the cameras are turned on, as if they have some sort of licence-death wish.

    This being the case, why then, haven't people been dying due to an absence of speed cameras during the 2003-2005 period?
  7. Id love to hear their answer for that one
  8. Well actually there was one fatal on the Geelong rd in 2003 (I think, I could be a bit out) When some lunatic rear ended a small van and put it into quote "a piece of roadside furniture" It cought fire and the occupents both died

    I went past a little later. The bit of" roadside fuiniture " was in fact a fixed speed camera. Somewhere near laverton. It was I think the only one at the time

    So thats two people that speed camera;s have killed.
  9. Just love the Geelong road now they have turned the cameras on - NOT. I never speed along that piece of road, never have and won't start now. But nearly had a spot of non-avoidance with an idiot P plater Commodore two weeks ago. I was tootling along (in the car) in the inside lane traffic was moderate, I had noticed said idiot dodging and weaving across all three lanes doing about 120 - no indicators of course. All of a sudden he came across from the outside lane through the middle lane and into my lane cutting me off and then because the speed camera was 100 metres away slammed on the brakes in front of me and dropped to 90. I had figured he was going to so I didn't rear end him. The moment he had gone past the camera, back to dodging and weaving and up to 120.

    It seems that every time there is a fixed camera people slow down from the 100km they were doing (in most instances) to 90 and create a glut of traffic. One day there is going to a multi-car pile up because of these revenue collecting devices and people's need to tailgate.

    Percrime I remember the incident you were referring to but thought it was 2005 maybe it was another fatality? We were actually in Tasmania at the time, but my best friend in Williamstown was up (it was the very early hours of the morning) and SMS'd us to say she thought the Altona refinery had blown up! It happened in the middle of a thunderstorm apparently and she heard the explosion immediately after a lightening strike and just thought she would let us know - it turned out to be the car accident on the Westgate and she could see the glow of it from her place. SMS messages in the middle of the night freak me. I should turn off the phone! I said to Husband are you worried about the refinery? and he just shrugged, rolled over and went back to sleep after replying that no-one should have been out at that time of the morning. Then in 2004 there was Nicole Knox-Smith, the poor girl riding her motorcycle to work who was cleaned up head on but that drug-f*&ked idiot going the wrong way.
  10. I dont recall there ever being a Fixed speed camera on the Geelong Fwy.

    There were 2 accidents in 2002/3, from memory, one car was rear ended and sent flying into oncoming traffic, the other one fell asleep and drove into a tree where the car then caught fire.

    As for Nicole Knox-Smith, she wasn't cleaned up head on, the driver turned in front of her leaving her no where to go and she t-boned the car.
  11. You guys are mixing up your crashes.

    The big bang was a fully loaded petrol tanker which ran into the back of an either stopped or very slow car at the Millers Rd exit.

    There have been two fatals on the Geelong freeway since the upgrade, the already mentioned rear ender that put a car into a surveillance camera, it's used by VicRoads to check traffic & what the nearby automated display board is up to by video and not as a speed camera, the other was a car which hit a sign or the wall near Lara at a speed which would've impressed the late Sir Donald Campbell (former land speed record holder).
  12. Tim Holding is a moron and should have been sacked a long time ago.
  13. A moron he may very well be, but compared to his predecessor, Andre Hairbrain, he's an intellectual giant! :p
    And realistically, he's only been in the job a short time. I'll withhold fire until I hear more, but I do recall that one of his first statements as police minister was that speed limit enforcement was only one part of the whole road safety package, and should not be the only focus of activity.
    At least that suggests that the department wanted to back off a little from the speed-only focus that had been a characteristic of Haermeyer's reign.
    This editorial is worrying in that the clearly pro-Labour Fairfax group seems to want to steer the debate back to speed and penalties (at least in part).
    Note that the push seems to be coming from the police themselves (not the department) as well as the same "road safety experts" (I would guess MUARC, or maybe Civic Compliance Victoria?) that led the government down this dead-end road in the first place. Some have got vested interests in seeing people fined to begin with.
  14. I got my data from the Vicroads Crashstats database (accessed via its website). Maybe it's incorrect, or maybe I selected the wrong criteria. I don't know.

    Whatever, one or two crashes over a 3 year period is still a fairly good record compared to what had been occuring prior to the upgrade.