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Till death do us apart..

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by fastkid, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. Today I was riding to uni and started to notice power problems again (idleing under 2k RPM), so along I went thinking ill be fine and entered frankston freeway..

    After about 400 metres in doing approx 105Km/h when the back wheel locked up completely giving a huge long strip of rubber on the road. Thankgod no cars were really around.

    I didnt drop the bike, bigginers luck I guess but I saw my whole life flash before my eyes. The mechanic said I was lucky not to drop it at all and that the engine has finally siezed. looks like its time for either a top end rebuild or a reco engine all together.

    Has this ever happened to you? If so how did you handle it? What did you learn? Need your thoughts.
  2. Very, very lucky, man: both in not dropping it and not having a car or truck up your date at the time. All the best with the repairs, but definitely remember how lucky you are when the bill comes!
  3. Very lucky indeed......but I'm just curious as to what locked the front wheel? I have owned and raced RGV's in the past, and mate.....prepare yourself for a humungous bill......just maybe worst case, more than the bike is worth.
  4. Glad you kept it upright!

    Hope fixing it isn't too expensive.
  5. I think I used the front brake to hard.. but got off it and regained balance. Yeh quite scared of the price to fix.
  6. Yeah, that makes sense. You must have instinctively done an emergency stop, and pulling the clutch in probably saved you from a world of hurt.......well done.
  7. I rember sitting out on some open road on my old SR 250 when I had an Engine Sieze.
    Yep Rear wheel locked up, and lucky for me i was going in a streight line.
    just held the bike stedy and as it slowed down lead it over to the side of the road.

    It was a complete biatch. On the upside it only happened 100km from home or so, why only??? I was headed to Mildura, and there are some lonely pieces of road on the way out there. I was lucky and found a farmer who gave me a the bike a lift on the back of his ute into the nerest town.
  8. It has occurred but not in the same situation!
    Off-road Yamaha IT 500 enduro 2stroke banger.
    Problem was the rubber carby housing had cracked and the engine leaned out causing it to sieze!
    Doing about 110 Km/h
    Didn't come off either massive slide at 15yr old at the time.
    The Problem also was I couldn't get it out of gear!
    Had to wait for mates to give me a hand!

    I don't see why both wheels would lock up unless you panicked and crammed the front brake. Always remember Squeze.

    So what is the damage and what caused it?
    Did you have 2stroke oil in there?
    Did it block up ?
    What quotes have you received?

    I agree with Bravus Your very lucky not to have become a Hood ornament!
    It looks like Luck is on your side!

  9. Wow man, thats sounds like you were very lucky indeed not to drop it. Glad your OK mate even if your wallet wont be!
  10. Go and buy a Tatts ticket asap!!!
  11. Ah the joys of two-strokes.

    I managed to get the clutch in (at 100kph) the only time it happened to me, but it's an unpleasant surprise of the first order.

    Inci is right, repairs may cost more than the value of the bike.....
  12. Ill let ya know the qoutes 2morrow on this thread. Need your opinions on that too!
  13. Ahh the pitfall of the good ol RGV.

    Had one for 4 years, and was told they were infamous for engine seizure or simply blowing up.

    Glad you kept it upright and it didn't happen mid bend... :shock:

    Depending on what broke it sounds like it could be a couple grand min.