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Tightness / fit of a leather jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by rabbit, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. I've been trying on various leather jackets and had differing opinions from the store staff on the fit.

    One shop had me zipped up so tight that I couldn't really move much, but said that the leather would give so its better to get a smaller tight fit. (and that the leather needs to be a tight fit so it doesn't rub when you fall off and slide along the ground) I was unable to take the jackets off on my own.

    Another shop had me in a comfortable feeling jacket. eg. casual fit. I was able to remove the jacket on my own.

    I'm not sure whats the go here - or do the guys in the shops enjoy zipping girls into tight jackets for fun ??? $500 - $600 is a lot of money to blow on a jacket that turns out to be the wrong fit.

    Will be going to bikemart night as I'm now a member, but I think the staff will be too busy to help with fittings? (I need to buy everything - all my stuff is trail bike gear)


  2. best advice is try and get in there before the event get your sizes etc...... they have more time to help you and then head back in wednesday night and pay of it. :wink:
  3. I don't think I'll have time - can't make it there in my lunchbreaks and can't take time off work :-(
  4. i will add and say it's probably for fun......i know if i could get away with it, i would :LOL: :wink:
  5. well, my jacket was tight when I first got it. 1 month later I must say it's easier to move around in.
  6. mines tightish with my warm gear on and looser with just a t shirt.
    don't forget you wear different clothes underneath in different seasons.
  7. Mine I'd say is as tight as it could be, whilst still being able to get in and out of it. As a guide, I have quite a difficult time getting a backpack on wearing it with it's liner, and 2 t-shirts on underneath. I think the armor is the main hinderance to that, it's hard to get the straps around it. But it isn't loose that's for sure.
  8. The first leather jacket i bought was a large. It was a comfortable fit at the time but after a few months and a few rides in the rain, it loosened off considerably. The armour in the elbows and shoulders does move around a bit and i find that im quite often adjusting them.

    I bought a new leather jacket recently and opted for a medium size. Was quite tight at first. I couldnt even breath all the way in cos the jacket restricted my chest. But after a few weeks of using it, its more than comfortable. Armour doesnt move and the leather has stretched quite a bit. Very happy.

    Id opt for the slightly tighter fitting jacket. Although, if its that tight that you cant get it off on your own, maybe the next size up. Try on heaps tho. You dont neccessarily have to go for the most expensive jacket. I tried A*, Dainese, Technic, Ixon etc and found that the Shift jackets fitted me perfectly. They were cheaper too!
  9. Thanks for the feedback - sounds like a tight jacket rather than "currently comfortable" is the way to go.
  10. New (leather) jackets will stretch somewhat, but on the same hand, so tight you cant take it off on your own is too tight. Sounds like the shop guys may have wanted to check you out in a tight outfit? For safety reasons, you should not have the jacket loose.

    Remember also, if your on a sports type bike (in a crouch) this will tighten the jacket across the back as well.

    Make sure the jacket has CE protection in the shoulders and elbows as well!
  11. Hey rabbit, be careful buying it too tight. You may want to wear a couple of extra layers underneath when it is cold. Also as I am on the wrong side of 40 I fugure I am going to get larger rather than smaller! But yeah tight is good. :LOL:
  12. toight!

    toight like a toiger! :grin:

    lol it will loosen up enough, seriously. i had trouble getting my jacket off to begin with, but now its easy enough. just remember you need the armour to stay in the correct places if you stack, so you want it reasonably tight. you get used to it pretty quick too.

    if your new jacket has pre-curved arms like mine and others, you'll be walking around like a robot to begin with :LOL:
    well not quite, but the more you use it, the looser it gets... reminds me of something else actually :LOL: :bolt: