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Tighter Tight Arse Tuesday: Million Dollar Baby, 22nd Feb

Discussion in 'VIC' started by matt232, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. It seems that Village has reduced their tight arse Tuesday prices to $5 until the 23rd of March at certain cinemas.

    I propose we take advantage of this and go and see Million Dollar Baby at 7:10pm this coming Tuesday 22nd Feb at The Jam Factory, 500 Chapel Street South Yarra.

    EDIT: this is now the 10:00pm session, see 5th post at the bottom of the page for details

    I'd say grab your tickets before coming up (Or just book online ahead of time) to Fasta Pasta where we can have a bite to eat. We'll start meeting up at Fasta Pasta from about 6pm.

    EDIT: no longer at fasta pasta since we are going to mexican, see the 5th post for details

    Jam Factory has allocated seating so we are probably going to end up being scattered all over the cinema if the session is pretty full. So booking online ahead of time is probably a good idea.....espeically since there are probably going to be a fair few people taking advantage of $5 movies. As such I've already booked my ticket and gone for the 7th row from the front, seat L10. So you now get a chance to either book a seat near or far from me, your choice. :D

    For those of you after more cinema bargains you can see Alexander at Village for $9 this week or Meet the Fookers for $9 at Hoyts this week.

    Also Village has its Summer Discount voucher booklet (download image of it for printing), giving you, Two tickets for $20, Two student tickets for $15, $5 Seniors tickets (before 5pm), $20 carload ticket for the Drive-In.

    Its been a while since I've piled into a cage to go to the drive in so keep and eye out for a post about it.
  2. I'd like to see it, but I'll be eating MEXICAN this tuesday night :p
  3. I'll be eating KFC or Ham sandwhiches. mm yummy.
  4. Bugger!!! ](*,)

    o well ticket is booked so I'm going.
  5. Due to Mexican my plans are up shit creek a little but I was able to get village to change my booking from the 7:10pm session to the 10:00pm session.

    Same seat L10 and here is the new online booking page (I've changed the ones at the top of the page as well).

    Fasta Pasta is obviously no longer the go either so Mexican it is!!!!!
  6. Buggered up my seat numbers when I rebooked but the 6 of us all grabbed seats along row K without too much problem.

    The movie was unreal, but its definitely not a pick me up movie, while the fight scenes are full on there is a very heavy ending. Thundercat made a great choice of movie.

    Constantine seems to be the one lined up for next Tuesday.
  7. Fixed that problem so why didn't you come........was there some pressing matters to deal with which weren't fully dealt with during your tandem disappearance last night? :wink:
  8. Glad you enjoyed the movie Matt.

    I certainly did, although it did make me cry!!

    Clint Eastwood is a legend!