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Tighter Tight Arse Tuesday: Constantine, 1st March

Discussion in 'VIC' started by matt232, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. Following on from last week, we are going to be heading to Constantine to take advantage of the $5 tickets.

    At present we are aiming for the 8pm session at Jam Factory, 500 Chapel Street South Yarra.

    As I said last week the seating is allocated and demand should be pretty high so booking a seat online is probably the go.

    I believe that Martyh is looking into lining up Sushi to precede the movie. Sounds like he is open to suggests on a Sushi place somewhere around the Jam Factory then get to the 8:30pm session of the movie. Any suggestions welcome. But we can always fall back to going to fasta pasta.

    For those of you after more cinema bargains you can see Closer at Village for $9 this week or Cellular for $9 at Hoyts this week.
  2. Count me in on this one, Matt.

    Visual spectaculars are for me.

    Now, shall we get the seating right this time?
  3. :facepalm: Near enough is good enough!
  4. Are you planning to wait and see who's going then book the right number of tickets? Or are we just going to sit wherever we get a seat?
  5. MATT, brother, COunt me in 100% If you can book me a ticket also, I will pay uou back.
  6. yeah i'm coming. how do we oragnise the seating? matt are you buying and we paying you? whats happening?
  7. I think there'll be two more there, but Dave and I will organise our own tickets.

    :D :D :D
  8. Just to be sure, which Tuesday are we talking here?
  9. I think the title of the thread should help you Jake ;)
  10. Doh! I wrote that before I got my cuppa, brain no work good :oops:
  11. I haven't booked any seats just yet in anticipation of making sure the 8pm session will work with Marty's plans for Sushi.....could end up moving it back. I was going to speak to him tonight and make sure we would have enough time to eat and get to the movie.
  12. In that case we'll just do Fasta Pasta before hand , start meeting there from 6pm onwards.
  13. I went and saw Constantine in Gold Class on Friday night at Glen Waverley. I thought it was very good, but try not to sit too close to the screen - Canoe was HUUUUUUGE
  14. oh goodie, can you book a seat for me and i'll gives you cash on the night?

  15. About 10 metres from the Jam Factory box office, right beside the southern escalator leading up to cinemas 9-14. The entrance (stair case) is about 5 metres towards the car park from the base of that escalator.

    On this Map it is the black area directly below the Pancake Palour.

    Fasta Pasta
    Shop 35, The Jam Factory
    500 Chapel Street
    South Yarra VIC 3141
    Ph: (03) 9827 1896
    Fax: (03) 9827 1896
  16. I really want to go.. but considering I am working night shift, I'll just sulk... and wish I was there :roll: :)
  17. Ok I've just booked 4 seats online for Thundercat, Sir Skuffy, TrenShadow (raffiki is a scratching) and myself. These are the only people who have inidcated they wanted me to get them a ticket, but its a simple process to book your own seats online.

    CINEMA: Jam Factory
    MOVIE: Constantine
    DATE: Tue 1 Mar
    SESSION: 8:00PM
    SEATS: H11, H12, H13, H14
  18. Just rang Fasta Pasta and we are set under the name of Matt for 6pm. Thought it best to let everyone know so you aren't standing around waiting for my perpetually late arse.

    I've only booked 10 seats since I'm unsure how many are coming. If we get a more people then they pretty much said you'd be out on your ear (ok I might be editorising that a little :LOL:) so if you are coming to have a bite to eat please post it up or PM me so I can get a better approximation of home many to book for.

    If you are just coming for the movie then there is no need to stress.

    Definites for Fasta Pasta:

    1. matt232
    2. untame_me
    3. Sir Skuffy
    4. TrenShadow (raffiki is a scratching)
    5. ThunderCat
    6. lil
    7. Fixed
    8. firefling
    9. gecko
    10. Clueless (but learning!)
    11. Tanya
    12. Gecko

    Maybes for Fasta Pasta(????????):



    Martyh +1