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Tighter Tight Arse Tues: House of Flying Daggers, 8th March

Discussion in 'VIC' started by matt232, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. Hi All,

    Due to the BikeMart Shopping night on the same night there will be a slight change to the usual deal.

    This week we'll go with House of Flying Daggers (trailer) out at Village Century City (289 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley) which is the second closest village cinema (Knox, the closest, doesn't have much on) to BikeMart. If we aim for the 9:20pm session that should give people ample time to buy what they need and leg it to the cinema.

    House of Flying Daggers is along the lines of Hero and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and like these movies it has English subtitles.

    As for food, I'll leave that open to the mod to work out due to the clash with the shopping night since people are going to be all over the place.

    Book online to secure your seat.
  2. Food...I'm thinking we might be able to get some takeaway from the asian restaurant beside Bikemart for those that are hungry and can't bear to drag themselves away from the shopping.

    Will try and get thier number tomorrow and see if they will be open and do takeaway.
  3. Havent been there for quite a while,but it used to have a real good reputation for nice food,havent spoken to anyone whos been of late though.I just checked the local yellow pages and the No. is 9879 2077.They are usually open till about 9 i think,but will have to call to double check that. 8)

    BTW Croydon also has cinemas,is a little closer to Ringwood than Glen Waverly,and its real close to home for me!lol! :p dont know whats on though!
  4. Thanks!!! Will hassle them tomorrow but I'll have words with you if I ring some seedy joint instead on that number!! :x

    True but they are charging more than $5 for thier movies. Got to take advantage of the current $5 tuesday deal at Village until the 23rd of March.
  5. Hehe,its actually the local brothels number! :p

    Cool mate,sorry,didnt think of that! :oops: :roll: :p
  6. I'll see whats on the menu anyway.......hey...never said they'd be bad words I'd have with you. :D
  7. LMAO!! :LOL: :LOL: Im sure you'll like the selection.. :p :LOL:
  8. Ok The Chinese Restaurtant next door the BikeMart will be open from 5pm to 10pm tomorrow night, offering either takeaway or sit down menus.

  9. I've booked 3 seats, one each for gecko, thundercat and myself.

    CINEMA: Century City
    MOVIE: House Of Flying Daggers
    DATE: Tue 8 Mar
    SESSION: 9:20PM
    SEATING: G9, G10, G11