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Tighter chain after tyre replacment

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Bear Arse, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. Greetings all and merry Xmas,

    I pulled the rear wheel off my bike and had the tyre replaced. When I put the wheel back on the chain was tighter then before even though the adjusters were the same. I'm guessing the chain is tighter because it has changed it's location on the sprockets.

    Before I adjust the tension I wanted to see if this was normal or have I missed something?

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    ...Edited out due to me being dumb.....
  3. I didn't replace the chain only the tyre.
  4. Just adjust to suit - you'll be fine, sorry for the misread - I'm hungover.
  5. When you re-assembled the rear axle, you did push the wheel so that the adjuster blocks were hard up against the adjuster bolts before tightening the axle nut ?

    chain adjuster blocks.
  6. All good Womble, this time of year i'm usually either p$ssed or hungover.
  7. Yes this is normal. To get your chain tension back to how it was without touching the tensioners, loosen the rear axle nut, place spanner/ screwdriver between chain & rear sprocket & turn rear wheel until you feel moderate tension. This places load on chain and pulls wheel forwards tightly against tensioners. Tighten axle nut while your holding this tension with wheel.
  8. Yeah I did Mike, double checked.
    Sounds like it's not something that other people have experienced. Maybe I better go back and check my work.
  9. Ok thanks Tinkerer, I'll give that a go.

    While I had the wheel out I thought I'd remove chain guard, sprocket cover and rear hugger etc to have a good clean up.Turned into a sweaty 6 hour session. Getting the wheel back in was the biggest challenge, although I think I have the trick of it for next time.

    Much appreciate the advice guys
  10. Ok, used your trick Tinkerer and picked up a little slack. However the chain was still a little tight so I adjusted and used the opportunity to align things at the same time.
    Cleaned up and went out for a two hour test ride-fantastic.
    I've only ever changed wheels on my dirt bike before this and the chain runs a lot more slack so I guess I haven't noticed it before. I think when you displace the chain from the spot it's lived for 10,000 k's it makes sense that it will be a little tighter afterwards.

    Merry Xmas
  11. I've seen it many times. I could only guess that during riding, under load everything is pulled tightly together. But when the axle is loosened everything is relaxed. I have also seen it from when the engine has been removed & replaced, when new rear wheel bearings have been fitted, and when swing arm pivot bearings are replaced.
  12. I have also heard that with some bikes (and later observed on my Bandit) that tightening the axle bolt has a bearing on chain tension. Where the swing arm mount is narrower than the space between the swing arm ends, if one tightens the axle bolt to where the ends are squeezed together slightly, this has the effect of lengthening the distance from countershaft to axle slightly. A slight, but appreciable (and frustrating) amount if one is being anal about the exact chain tension.
  13. Thanks again all for your help.

    Just to finish what I started, after riding for a while the chain now needs tightening.

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