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Tightening Front Wheel Guard GPX250 [NOT resolved]

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Lobsta, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. the guard over my front wheel has been rattling a little as i go over bumps recently, and for the life of me i can not see where the screws are that tighten it... am i blind? the service manual says nothing about it either. it has one exploded view that i can make neither heads nor tails of...

  2. THANKYOU!!!!! from my pdf of the service manual, i couldnt tell if that blotch was a bolt or another cord holder or some bolognaise sauce that whoever scanned the manual dropped onto the page.


  3. hows the gpx lobby
  4. at the moment? rattly. :LOL: other than that, its flippin sweet!
  5. the rivets will be flogged out....all you do is drill out the exsisting ones....then rivet in new ones with a larger head and that should fix the problem
  6. Looked at/felt the bolts that hold it to the bike and they are tight. upon further examination, it is not that bit that is rattling. it is the extensions that sit next to where the forks go past the cover (circled in the pic)
    looked at the closely and it looks like they have some sort of pad between them and the fork that MIGHT be that thick double sided scotch tape
    or might not be... what is the recommendation for making these bits not rattle any more?

    more scotch tape? :p :LOL:

  7. take the thing off.. wheel off first though and then when you put it back on you can find out from what location this rattle comes from as you replace the bracket, bolts, rivets etc... its not just the clip that holds the speedo drive is it ?.