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Tightarse Vs Careless Spender

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wang chung, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. So what is the better life to live?

    One where you are always thinking of money & money ?
    Or one where you just live carefree but at the end of the day have less money?

    Long term = Tightarse

    Friend who buys energy drinks to mix with MY vodka
    Chases after money if you roll it down the road
    gives birthday presents he gets for free
    Comes over to peoples houses on a empty stomach
    Stays at peoples houses cause its closer to work
    Comes to your house when no ones home and stays for a few hours (door was unlocked) cause he doesnt wanna drive home and come back again to save 10 bucks.
    Buys you a pot of beer after you buy him bourban


    End rant

    ps. We played poker and he won cause he plays so defensively but i got drunk and stole his money and not gonna give it back to him.
    sucker :twisted:

    Oh he lives at home and has 20,000 saved
    i dont live at home and have 1000 cause i got paid.

    Them statistics go in the favour of the tightarse

    End 2nd rant.

  2. i won that poker game fair and square
  3. go back to thailand
  4. Definately live for the moment, plan only to fulfill the meaning of life..
    If you discover it, it will matter, if you dont it wont. So the same goes for everything else, you ought to just take care of things that matter to you right now not saving for a possible future
  5. Can't take it with you and you never know when you're time is up so spend it, wtf.
  6. It's nice to have a little cash on the side for those rainy days when there is a motorcycle gear sale going...
  7. Or you'll end up getting divorced and the savings will be gone anyway... so keep enough to get by and enjoy the rest :)
  8. Like most things in life, the answer is to be sensible and strike a balance. Don't waste money on rubbish, be generous with yourself and people you care about when you're out and about, but only go out and do this as much as you can afford to while still having financial security. Unless you're, like, 22 years old, then you do whatever you want and enjoy what's left of your youth, coz it's almost f*#king gone :p

    Oh, and make your tight arse mates buy extra rounds if they have money and jib you like that. It's ok for mates who have no money to be tight, but not mates who are rolling in it.

  9. hehe - i reckon if Id actually gone out with you guys I could have persuaded your friend to buy me a few drinks ;)
    Sorry mat, you just obviously arent his type :LOL:
  10. Or maybe Mat is his type, he just wants a sugar daddy :p

  11. Or mat has already put out for him and the other guys isn't after a repeat 'performance'. :p :LOL: