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Tiger Woods is a bloody legend!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MONKEYMAN, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. I do not understand the mass media denouncing the guy.
    I used to think he was just another rich dork until the story blew wide open.
    Now i have a new found respect, admiration and indeed am in awe of this stud.
    Highly paid professional who can still find the time to service upwards of 14 hot babes.
    Leave Tiger alone!
    The man is a bloody legend!
    Tiger, my man, i take my hat of to you!

  2. So a guy who hits a ball for a living shagged a few chicks. Who really gives a shit?
  3. I agree wholeheartedly. Oh and since when was celebrity gossip front page material?
  4. forgive me for inserting a bit of morality into this thread but tiger is a douchebag! to suggest that he is the victim in all this is nonsense.

    here's a guy who sold us on an impeccable image, made millions off of it, and behind closed doors was acting like a ****ing dirtbag.

    i hope his wife takes him to the cleaners. far too many high profile wives stick with scum like this.
  5. I had respect & admiration for him when he was a "hard working professional Golfer" (oxymoron?), & dedicated family man. Not anymore.

  6. More like made billion http://blogs.golf.com/presstent/2009/10/forbes-tiger-woods-is-first-athlete-to-reach-1-billion.html

    If he did what he did without making the holier than thou image, all good (as in not cheating and giving off his family values for a clean boy image). But to do it (what it seems) behind his wife's back, just another prick doing wrong to the one(s) they purport to love. I for one also hopes his wife is able to take him to the cleaners, but who knows with regards to whatever pre nups have been signed with whatever clauses and the like.
  7. Lots of women throw themselves at rich men and sportsmen, especially if the two go together. I'm sure these umpteen women and the media will milk it for all its worth ($$$).

    With the way he lives his life, Tiger should have stayed single and he probably knows that. For anyone to stray, there's a good chance it means home life isn't something they look forward to. He and his wife should have parted ways rather than have a child.
  8. What's the point of being the best in the world at something if you can't cop a few roots from it? Seriously, why else would you bother with all that practice?
  9. [​IMG]
  10. If 14 women knew, then 14 concierges knew. And if 14 women knew at least some of his fellow-players knew. And if at least a few of his fellow-players knew, why did they say nothing? He needed to be earning a billion to buy all that amount of silence. Or was there another reason why they all kept silence?
  11. *sigh*

    I wish people would get this riled up about my sexual exploits...
  12. ^ single guy bagging numerous womenz, not an issue.

  13. :soapbox:

    Totally agree with all that see it like this.

    For his "professional hypocrisy" I hope he gets cleaned out. =D>
    That's not the Role Model I want my boys to look up to.

    Same sentiments for Danny Wicks for the same reasons.

    They don't get the big bucks for playing the Sport.
    The Sponsorships, Endorsements etc are for a particular image. Again, not the image i want my boys to think is cool.
    Very Uncool boys, Very uncool.

    (Before I had a wife and kids, I rode a much lower horse)
  14. Meh i dont get it, he isnt even remotely attractive, ah but wait..... he is black ( slightly peaks ones interest )and he does have deep pockets....

    Still a married man , nasty nasty golfing manwhore!

    Feel for his family...I agree with twainharte, i hope she takes him to the cleaners...

    And Jessica Simpson???? wtf was he thinking?
  15. His wife is an abusive gold digger too. She sticks with him for the same reason a leech sticks to you.
  16. Duplicity = controversy

    He marketed himself as a wholesome role model. He clearly wasnt.

    If it was Robbie Williams, we would be having a laugh with him, but Robbie Williams doesnt try to tell us he is mr nice guy. He is a lad, and thats ok, because it is transparent.

    Agree with twainharte - that is where the anger is directed

  17. While I agree. Not cool.

    Lets also remember that there are 15 people here with the "morals" of an alley cat (so far).......14 of them happen to be women...... hmmm I wonder why? Could it be that he was a broke loser, or maybe rich and famous....Maybe the 14 of high moral fibre thought he was SINGLE, surely another woman would not knowingly do this to another ?

  18. Dont really care much for his personal life, or golf.

    What im upset with is him being named athlete of the decade. Imo golfers are not athletes. Its a Boring rich mans hobby that can be played professionally from the age of 16 to 80 and rake in trillions even if your shethouse eg Greg norman, and barely raise a sweat. The most 'athletic' part of Tigers career was probably in hotel rooms.

    Fishing is a sport. I guess Rex hunt is eligible for athlete of the decade.

  19. yeah, right

    Behold the Fisherman!
    He Riseth Up Early in the Morning,
    and Disturbeth the Whole Household.
    Mighty are His Preparations.
    He Goeth Forth Full of Hope.
    And When the Day is Spent, He Returneth,
    Smelling of Strong Drink.
    And the Truth is not with Him!