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Tiger Hyabusa

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by c0rrupt, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Hey guys - been awhile since been on here, being stuck in China without my bikes is just too hard to have to hear about all of you and the fun you might be having, but when I came across this I just had to share, maybe its been done before but deserves another showing... Hope you're great!

    Sorry about the image size, don't know how to re size, maybe a mod can for me - cheers

  2. "Good taste is its own reward."

    Proof: The reverse is equally true, and this is self evident.
  3. one of the things that stood out is how badly the chain is neglected!
  4. Maybe so, but when your entire bike is wrapped in printed spandex and stretch velour, who needs chain maintenance? :D
  5. I bet his mum used to call him 'my special little boy'.

    Probably heading to & entering the 'special custom bikers show'.
  6. Thats gangsta..............imagine it he actually did kill a tiger
  7. Absolutely this - loose and filthy...
    That rear tyre don't look too healthy either, and have a go at the state (and position) of his numberplate! Something tells me the fancy-dress is holding things together...
    Then there's the filthy trackers the rider's wearing, and is that an equestrian helmet?!
    It's like one of those "Find 10 things wrong with this..." pictures.
  8. I see you guys haven't watched Biker Boyz. :D
    That's how tha brothers roll over there!
  9. This is right, and if you find fault, that just proves what the boys say. "They see me rollin - they hatin!"
  10. well i hope the trend catches on over here too then.
    i want to see koala viffer, or goanna gixxer, or wombat strom
  11. Posty bike covered in magpie feathers?
  12. Kangaroo XR!