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Tiger Angel vs DBT Leathers (New here and haven't introduced myself but what the hell)

Discussion in 'Jackets' at netrider.net.au started by Chillertek, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. My old set of leathers are starting to get faded and cracked. I have a custom suit made to fit by Quin leathers who I believe are no longer in business.

    I have seen a few Tiger Angel suits that some mates got and they look pretty good although I am not sure how much they cost.

    I live only about 20 min from DBT leathers at Yagoona in Sydney. Has anyone bought a 2 piece suit from them and if so whats the quality like firstly and secondly the pricing?

    I like the tiger angel ones but going in for fitting would be a hassle because they are in melbourne, where as DBT are here in sydney.
    Has anyone owned a suit from both dealers?

  2. DBT has shut the door's now I think you will find mate....
  3. You can pick up a made to measure TA 2 piece for around $1800. Excellent quality. Can't fault after service either from what I have heard.
    I have a set of textiles being made up as we speak. Even get to choose my own design to go on the back.
  4. I think quin leathers is still around? a friend had some mods made to her suit a few months ago..
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. Bummer on DBT closing.

    Will look into TA.
  6. Can vouch for TA ...

  7. How much is a TA jacket on its own? Anyone know?
  8. also vouch for TA. I'm in melb so I got measured up there but they have an on line ordering process. gimoto do custom from Sydney
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  9. A few months ago I got myself a 2 piece suit from these guys:


    For the price, quality is surprisingly good, CE foam padding on every extremety so actually feels safer than most name brand jackets/suits I tried on.
    Basically I just chose the style I wanted and left a message for what size and to make it 2 piece (since I ordered through a listing for a 1 piece)

    Not sure how many people run this place but the guy I spoke to was quite helpful when discussing which size would be best after sending him some measurements and for a little extra said I could get a custom size made.

    Haven't had a crash test in this yet but its quite thick leather and almost entirely triple stitched, so I don't see it coming apart in a hurry.
  10. Happy with my tiger angel $1600, but i have had some good reports on Gimoto,there measuring detail was much more detailed than what was done with my tiger suit.But im in melbourne so wasnt going to sydney to get a suit.There is no way i would order a suit on line by just sending measurements
  11. Gimoto is significantly better then tigerangle. Stuff is hand made in italy, Gimoto is a family run business with like 15 employees thats been doing leathers for like 50 years or something. The fit is perfect, and the customisation of colours/design and such is great.

    Highly highly recommened. I wear a Stripes suit, with race protectors (elbow/shoulder and kneecap metal sliders, for extra wank factor)

    Their shop (ozmotorcycleleathers) is just next to central station in the city so pretty easy to get too. 100% check them out they are the best leathers by far. I was put onto them buy the guys at MCAS auburn after i found that the dainese suit i wanted was far too loose on me in a size that was long enough for my arms. So pleased that i ended up going Gimoto.