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Tiger Angel leathers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Loz, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. Guys - what do you know about Tiger Angel (www.tigerangel.com.au)?

    I'm thinking of having some leathers made up.

    What are they like in the hot? In the wet? Anybody wearing them? Anybody heard anything about the brand?

    I'm looking at $1400 for a two piece suit made to measure, which isn't much more than buying something off the rack.

  2. Hey Loz,

    I've had my Tiger Angel two piece for about..3 years..they are excellent leathers and I would recommend them to anyone! I went into the shop and the chick there is really cool and nice, helpful with fittings etc. The leather is great quality and cos they can custom bits and pieces they fit really well..
    half the Superbike riders will be wearing Tiger Angel leathers and if you go into the shop you can see how they hold up on race track crashes :D

    In the hot I open the pocket at the top that acts as ventilation, if you are prone to getting hot they can add more ventilation points, in the wet, they get a bit wet but not soggy..of course nothing is going to stop them getting wet in a torrential rain storm :roll: The two piece zips together really easily, and when I had a button pop off they fixed it quickly and no charge.

    Tiger Angel are always at the Superbike/ MotoGP expos and I would recommend their stuff.. ..my two piece is in this pic: http://homepages.ihug.com.au/~minerva/SBS.html
  3. Have you checked out Underdog leathers? They are known for quality and do custom fit suits for cheaper than that. Checkout the partners page (https://netrider.net.au/?page=partners) and you'll see they also give a 10% discount to Netrider members :) Supporting our partners is a good thing, because they support you! :)
  4. Loz, I've had my Tiger Angel 2 piece for 2 1/2 years and love them. They are hot on hot days, but I feel much safer on a ride wearing full leathers rather than jeans. I normally have to get someone to help me out of my pants after a long ride in heat but can do it myself if I have to (takes a while :p ). You can order loose, average or tight fit...mine are average fit. What I really like about them is that they fit me perfectly (the TA guy I dealt with is the only person in the world with my measurements!) and it gives you incentive to keep in shape :p . I have been in some pretty heavy rain and they do get wet and heavy, but they are not as bad as I had heard leathers could be.

    I highly recommend Tiger Angel....and they're local!

    :D :D :D
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys - CBC there lookin' sexy!

    Mouth, I've asked around a bit and the general opinion on Underdog seems very positive - Tiger Angel quality for $600 less seems to be the word.

    I'll check 'em out. Apparently Underdog is bringing out a Draggin' jeans competitor with higher quiality abrasion resistant fabric too.
  6. Yup. If/when you go for a fitting, Dale will look after you. Just don't drop my name 'cos he'll charge you double :LOL:
  7. Yup. We call them "Stealth Jeans", and they're already available. They have an added layer of 1000 denier Cordura on the main abrasion points (knees, rear, hips, etc).
  8. PICK ME, PICK ME !!!!
  9. i have a set of tigerangel 2 piece leathers, held up great when i crashed coming out of turn 2 at philip island last doing around 150km/h and sliding on my arse and shoulder.. wore a small hole through the arse, but that was the main part i slid on, i never go such much as a graze.. cost me $75 to get that panel replaced.. i had them for around 4 yrs now
  10. I'm another TA owner, I've got a pair of their pants. The quality and personalised fit have already been mentioned and are big reasons for looking at this brand. The other benefit is that it is really easy to get alterations made.

    I dropped my pants of last Friday to get the bum taken in (they stretched) and he said he'd pull in the thighs too. All nice and easy, see you in a week. I was also given a pair of loaner pants while I wait for mine, now that's good service. The initial quote for the bum job was $40, probably cost a bit more for the extra work but still good value and easy as pie.

    All the staff are great, Julie is a funny one and great to talk to. The owner's also a good bloke who doesn't BS you.

    I'm happy to spend my cash with these guys, I'll get a jacket when I can afford it.
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  19. I just ordered my TA custom leathers - Siren Jacket and Tour SP pants. Can't wait til they arrive (4 weeks). Expensive, but beautiful.