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Tiger Angel leathers - anyone got them?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by rb, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Tiger Angel gear seems to be well made etc from what I have heard, but it's hard to tell without getting a look at it. So, I'm wondering if anyone here uses this gear, and what are your thoughts on it? How does it compare to big-brand manufacturers like A*, Joe Rocket etc?
    I like the look of some of the sport suits, and particularly the Guardian suit, but at $2100 it doesn't come cheap...

  2. Everyone I know who's had Tiger Angel gear has sworn by them, quality is fantastic from all reports.

    Prices, however, are bloody harsh as you've noticed, but then they're comparable to the retail prices on dainese or A* suits - leathers are just damn expensive in most cases. On a side note I think most of their stuff looks toilet compared to some of the nice stuff that's out there.

    Still, they're custom tailored leathers, they'll feel great and offer superb protection, and all reports tell me that Tiger Angel quality is brilliant.
  3. https://netrider.net.au/?page=partners ... 2 Netrider Discount partners that sell good quality leather suits at excellent prices.
  4. TigerAngel leathers are top-notch gear.

    My wife, who is a handy with the needle, has had to repair my friend's Joe Rocket/Dainese suits a few times after they came apart at the seams, especially in the arms.

    The main deal with TigerAngel leathers is that they overlap the main binding stitching with an additional leather fold. There are in fact 3 different stictches holding the seams together for the main stress-bearing seams, and the main stitch seam is protected by 2 layers of leather, meaning that if you go sliding down the road, the chance that road abrasion will destroy the stitching and have the suit come apart as you slide is extremely minimal.

    I just put in an order for a new suit. My first TA suit slid down the road at PI at 130kph 10 years ago, and the suit held together perfectly aside from some light scuffing. The suit then lasted me for 10 more years until I slid it down the road again in April at 140kph. This time, due to a broken shoulder, the suit had to be cut off me and that was the end of it, but even then, if the suit wasn't cut off, it probably would've lasted another 10 years.

    This is what you get with your money. Excellent, well made, made-in-Australia, high-quality suit, tailored to fit you personally, and will last near forever, even through multiple accidents and slides.

    It may seem like a lot of money now, but with the alternatives being suits that come apart while you slide, or even just from wearing them alone, the big up-front investment really means little when it's viewed over the life-span of the suit, and how well it'll protect you in a crash.

    IMO, they're one of the best suits that you can buy.
  5. If you're after a 1 piece suit, look at the new SHIFT suit. I tried one on a couple of weeks ago and it fit nice and was pretty reasonable at somewhere around $1200 I think.
  6. I've got a Tiger Angel race suit, I love it. It's my 5th race suit and it is the best one so far.
  7. I went for a TA Guardian, and have found it brilliant. To reduce the cost I chose not to go for the goretex lining - it's an option that can be bought later, although so far I haven't needed it - the leather is already pretty waterproof as it is, and I have only found a little bit of water getting in around the zips on the pockets and on the front, but it was raining heaviliy as well...

    I used my Mum's front loader washing machine to wash them on a really gentle "silk" cycle (hmmm, sounds like a scooter, doesn't it!) and ran the jacket and pants through twice, once with soap, once without - and they ended up good as new. They have faded a bit, but they've seen a fair bit of travel!

    I found the folk at TA really friendly and very helpful. I suppose the other bonus is that the company is Australian and are happy to repair and replace damaged leather panels if required for a reasonable price.

    Hope this helps,

  8. Thanks for all the replies so far, it seems like TA does a good job with their gear! I'd buy one straight away, except I can get big-brand 2-piece suits (or jacket/pants that zip together) shipped from the US for well under $1000. I'm trying to weigh up the extra cost, versus buying quality Aussie made gear locally. Hmm, decisions, decisions....
  9. How much is shipping again, from the USA, for ~12kgs of weight (i.e. weight of a leather suit plus box). Unless it's being sent by sea-mail, shipping isn't going to be less than Aussie $300.
  10. Not only are they Australian made but they are a company that refuses to use the sweatshop style of piecework. What this means generally is that the quality is not rushed by some outworker trying to squeeze an extra outfit into the day.

    I've got their cordura "elements" gear and the pants were custom fitted and they are a perfect fit (or were until I stuck on a few kilos :oops: )

  11. Try this
    "Best Offer" pricing seems to mean about 15-20% off the listed price, plus US$70 shipping means about US$580 shipped. This come to AU$780 tops. Cheap, hey?
  12. where did you get this idea???? You can ship 30 pounds from the US via express (1-2 days) for around 200. I had a package from newenough with leathers, 2 pairs of boots, gloves and a few other bits and pieces shipped for around 120 economy air.
  13. Closer to the topic of teh discussion though. I haven't tried TA leathers, but I got their Elements jacket and it's the best all around jacket I have. Very well made and very light.
  14. For those who have purchased, did you use the measurement system TA give on their site, or did you drop into the shop and try stuff on? I'd prefer to try on, obviously, but it's a long way from Canberra to Melbourne just to try on a pair of pants...
  15. I used web measurement - fits perfectly. Did the whole thing via internet, suit was mailed to me. Very happy.
  16. Had a friend who lives in LA recently ship me over an exhuast system, which weighed 6kgs gross (system + box). Cheapest he could do it for, with tracking, was US$250, and he looked around a fair bit.

    Mind you, am pretty sure that due to the box size that it was being charged by volumetric weight, rather than actual weight, so that probably explains the difference. Without tracking it is of course a fair bit cheaper.

    [Edit: Looking at some of these shipping rates, these guys must have some pretty gem commercial arrangements going on with USPS. I used to live in the USA, and there's no way in heck you could send stuff as heavy as a whole suit via USPS for anything like as cheap as these guys are offering if you just walk in off the street and try sending stuff international]
  17. I don't think the shipping rate I got was that unusual, in fact I remember thinking that it was pretty dear. I bought a pipe off ebay 4 months ago, had it shipped for around US$50.
    If you search for jc_motorcycle_exhausts on ebay, they would ship to Australia for US$76 and I doubt that it's at cost.
  18. Probably a volume thing, some of those stores ship a *lot* of stuff, all via the same shipping agents.

    Edit: I can't spell.
  19. I've been meaning to do up a report.

    I went for the Tiger Angel Guardian suit.

    Why? I tour mainly in all sorts of weather, and wanted the waterproofing. The only other suit that did this was the BMW atlantis suit, and it was almost the same price minus the tailoring.

    Ordered online, my wife did the measuring. Fits perfectly, dry as a bone with the goretex, otherwise in a torrential downpour the knees get wet.

    I love it, and am totally comfortable in it. No slides/falls so no comparison on that yet.

    One minor problem, the inside pocket zip has gone, but when I get my ass down to Melbourne, they said they'll fix it for me.

    And it's warm, esp with the Goretex, and without it, opening up the sleeve air vents, fairly cool once moving.

    Plus there is one thing about having an expensive leather suit - if you don't wear it your wife nags you about the money you wasted. I started wearing full leathers to work now, instead of jeans and jacket :)