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Tiger Angel Jacket

Discussion in 'Archived' started by cascade63, Aug 8, 2012.

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  1. Tiger Angel Elements Jacket

    Less than 12 months old, all black with reflective strips. Includes liner, one very small nick in the back lower part.

    Best size description would be XL. (I'm 5'11", 92kg)

    $450 plus postage ( Jacket located in Qld )

  2. FWIW, I have one of these that must be 10-15 years old. FANTASTIC jackets. Wayyyyy better than any dri-rider etc. I've had. FULLY water proof still. Breathable, not too bulky, very comfy. Wish I was smaller and had the dough, a fresher look and change of colour might be nice! :D
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  3. Yes Freddy it is a excellent jacket. I have been gifted something else so have to do the right thing and use that.
    This jacket is extremely light compared to other gortex style jackets without losing any functionality at all. Very warm in winter which reduces the layers needed, leaving you more freer to move around on the bike. Take out the liner and its an even more lighter jacket that provides excellent protection while keeping the rider comfortable.
    Has the normal Ce protection, for any questions or more detailed measurements pm me.
  4. Was on the Choccy ride yesterday and Heli [I think that's him] John's his name,he tec'd for part of the ride, he's got this with the fluro green color, raved on how great a jacket it is, and he only wore a light t-shirt and thin top under the jacket, I had about 5 layers and was cold still. Worth every penny by the sounds of it.
  5. Reduced, $400 including postage to anywhere in Aus.
    Bargain !!
  6. If I were you, I'd be keeping that jacket as a spare. Too good to get rid of.

    But that's only my opinion.
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Not open for further replies.