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Tiger angel element gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by McLvn, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I was hoping those that have had experience with tiger angel, especially their element series, could steer me in the right direction.

    I like my comfort and currently own a Dainese summer Mesh jacket, perforated short gloves, draggins and puma roadster boots. Very comfortable summer gear. I've also invested in some overboots and rain gear, but find it a real pain in the @r$# and would like to leave that behind.

    It's starting to get quite fresh in the mornings on the way to work. I commute and will continue to do so throughout winter.

    I have tried on a Dri-rider nordic pro jacket, I found it quite bulky and felt like I was Macguyver with all the bloody zips and pieces. Is this a good bit of kit as I can live with it because of the price. How does it compare to the Element range?

    I live in Sydney and we don't have tigerangel products up here so here are my questions:
    I will be buying through the website has anyone experienced this, how did you find the sizing when it arrived?
    Is it bulky? Do you look and feel like the michelan man?

    I guess I'm fishing here so I could PM people with experience, as I have more questions and would like some reassurance this could work for me.
  2. I haven't bought over the net, but the jacket is awesome.

    It's more expensive than the Dri-Rider Nordic (I used to have one of those as well). It is less bulky than the Dri-Rider, but 100% waterproof.

    The liner is supremely warm and very easy to insert and remove. The jacket itself is very comfortable and has many adjustments possible.

    I have found that the pockets are set too high, but it's a minor quibble. As each jacket is made to order, you can specify any changes you like.

    If you can afford it, it's worth every penny and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
  3. +1
    I've got the jacket and pants. Live in melbourne so I got them fitted.
    Wear them most of the time on the bike. (wear a mesh jacket when its very hot).
    Quite light. Just a shell and mesh lining (apart from the winter liner that I didn't get). Wear thermals underneath in the winter.
    Can't recommend them highly enough.
  4. I've got the Element Jacket and Pants and they are brilliant. I ordered off the net using their measurment guide and the fitting is excellent. Took a bit longer than quoted to have it made up (arrived after almost two months) but when it did arrive, it was worth the price premium.

    I went for TA as all of the off the shelf stuff I tried on was just a bit off in the sizing, either slightly too loose or tight. The Benefit of the custom made gear is that all the armour is in the right place and nice and snug.

    When you order, you can specify a looser or tighter fit if you want. I went for standard and its very comfy. If you were planning on wearing the pants over normal clothes though, you'd need to get the loose fit.

    The thermal liner you can get with it is also excellent. I rode all through the Canberra winter last year, and for commuting only needed a t-shirt on underneath (with a neck warmer) for 20 min commute. Having the protective wind/waterproof layer on the outside of the garment makes a very big difference in keeping you warm compared to "all season" jackets I tried where the protection was provided by a liner on the inside.

    As far as waterproofing, I have been nothing but happy with it. I've been through some attrotious weather in Canberra and the storms up here in Brisbane recently, and it's kept me dry every time. If you are riding for a long period of time (hours) it will eventually get through, but I doubt there's any such thing as a 100% solution in those circumstances.

    Only minor quibbles I'd have is the the flaps on the front pockets don't keep the pockets waterproof, and it can get quite hot as there is zero venting on the jacket.

    Overall, very happy and it is money well spent if you can afford the higher price.
  5. Thanks for the detailed reply guys. After having to pull on the wet weathers, I made up my mind on the way home tonight. Riding through a heavy shower, puddles every where and spray off cars made for a great trip home :roll:

    My hands are purple from the dye in my summer gloves. :mad: :LOL: :LOL: Bikebiz in Sydney have a goretex winter glove at 20% off so I'll get those on my next day off. I will also look into Sidi On Road Sympatex Boots after reading a test, where it underwent 40mins high pressure spray, then 24hrs submerged, to top off my gear for winter/wet.

    Once again thanks, I wanted the gear just needed a little push.
  6. If you go to the Tiger Angel website there is a section specifically designed for online purchasers. It gives the positions of a series of measurements you need to take and then submit to them online. These measurements will be the basis for the sizing of the garment you order.
    The obvious point here is that, if like me, you are a little more rotund than you care to admit, don't understate the measurements 'cos when the jacket arrives it ain't going to fit :shock:
    I am fortunate enough to live in the Melbourne area so call in to the shop when I need something. Going back in the thread to a statement that an on line order was late arriving, I can tell you that they get very busy, especially around the time when a race meeting is on. I guess the reason they get behind sometimes is the continued demand created because their products are bloody good.
    One further benefit with dealing with TA, is that if you are not happy with the fit of a garment or if you "expand a bit" during it's life, they do alterations as well.
    No - I'm not on commission :LOL: but yes I am a satisfied customer
  7. I have found that the TA elements series is a very versatile suit. If I had to buy one set to cover most eventualities excluding race track, I'd buy these.