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Tiger Angel 2-Piece Arrives Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Huthy, May 1, 2008.

  1. Well after 5 weeks of waiting, my Tiger Angel 2-Piece suit arrives tomorrow. Steve rang me today to confirm the shipping address, so the courier will be getting stalked tomorrow.

    I tried to explain how exciting this was to my wife, but frankly, that didn't go as planned.... she simply saw it as an opportunity to take the mickey out of me about "wearing leather pants".... but I knew my fellow Netriders would appreciate the gravity of such an arrival.

    Will let you all know the end results on the suit after it gets a good workout on the long weekend.
  2. Good stuff, I like waiting for new presents to yourself/toys to arrive.

    I love my TA jacket, dont wear the pants all that often though.

  3. I didn't have to wait long, it is here....!!!!

    Looks fantastic and feels great.

    Is it the weekend yet?
  4. (Looks at watch)... ah... close enough!

    Pics please.
  5. She's quite clearly jealous of your new gear. You should wear them to bed and find out what she really thinks about them .... :twisted:
  6. Pic's please!
  7. When I got my Tiger Angel Guardian suit I was very happy, but like you my partner wasn't so thrilled. She did eventually tell me that she liked them. But the main thing is I like them and thats why I got them. Tiger Angel makes a fantastic product that you will really appreciate them once you go for a ride. The fit is great and you will have many years of good protection and Tiger Angel gear does look great.
  8. I am a bigger lad, so custom was the only option. I had a quick ride in it this morning, and the fit when on the bike (obviously) is ridiculously good.

    Will hopefully get some pics to share tomorrow.
  9. Very jealous here, I would love one of those suits.
  10. I'm in the same boat myself :) ...at the risk of being gauche, crass and indiscrete might I ask how much they set you back?
  11. deleted
  12. +1, pics please. I hear very good things about the Tiger Angel leathers.

    I'm lucky re the missus, she's very fashionable and she takes an interest in this stuff, plus she likes riding with me. The cost is no problem, as I don't complain when she spends obscene amounts on shoes ... :roll:
  13. TA are right around the corner from me(literally) i should pop over and have a gander, but I was under the impression they only did race wear... silly me.
  14. Right, I'll assume I was gauche, crass and indiscrete which is not easy in an Australian context. :grin:
    Their price list isn't on the website as they note that all the garments are custom made. One can however with a bit of digging find this
    http://www.tigerangel.com.au/pr_list_aust.html. I'm unable to vouch for the date though.
  15. Sorry guys... have been tied up with work stuff and haven't been on for a bit.

    The suit cost me just over $1900. That included delivery to the door and the "Full Qld Kit" - which is perforations in all the right places and a few kevlar panels to keep things a little cooler. I think this added about $100 to the price from memory.

    Still no photos... I know... give myself an upper cut... but I love it. Only thing is, I wish I had ordered SNUG and not AVERAGE fit. It is a perfect fit, but I reckon Snug would have been even better.