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Tiger 800 - upgrade bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by tc2233, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. So, not exactly brand new as I have had it for a month now and had first service, but thought its about time I got off my arse and posted some pics.

    I'm absolutely loving this bike so far. Comfortable, plenty of power for me, but still an easy bike to ride.

    Got off restrictions and upgraded from a 250 cruiser to something completely different, but suits me better for the riding I want to do - commutting and some touring.




    I have put a radguard and 2" rox risers on it so far.

    Taller screen, and luggage options to come.
  2. Very nice. I testrode one of them, contemplating mixing my mountainbiking with my motorcycling, but decided that I should keep my Tiger 1050 for a few more years. :)

    The pressure is on now for you to write ride reports so we can live vicariously! :D

    By the way, have you seen this thread on ADVrider? Some neat ideas and farkles in there. http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=704559
  3. Nice bike (y)
  4. nice bike, xc version?
  5. Wow, looks great in white.
  6. Great bike! i want one but fear its a bit too tall for me. Damn my below average height parents!
  7. Sorry, Ive been snowed under by work lately.

    Yes I have thanks spots, but need to catch up on that thread..20 pages so far, and some great photos in there too.

    Nope, this is the "roadie". You can tell difference easiest by the wheels. The xc has spoked wheels and 21" front. Mine are alloy and 19" front.

    Vast majority of my miles will always be on road, and really dont see myself fitting nobbies and bush bashing, so I opted for the better handling road bike of the two and pocketed the $2k diff.

    The seat has two height options, I have it in the lower setting for now. There is also a "lowered" seat option, and Ive read of folks installing lowering links.

    There's a forum at http://www.tiger800.co.uk which is very active, lots of advice and people posting likes and dislikes etc.

    For the bike, the next thing is to replace the oem screen. It doesnt work for me as the wind buffeting and noise isnt something I want to live with long term, so I've ordered a much larger one from Givi.
  8. looks beasty!! and in white it's nice, triumphs have some nice lines
  9. nice work! im keen on learning some dirt soon and depending how that goes, sell both bikes and buy something like this (well, xc version)

    hope its treating you well!