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Tiger 1050 + Maths = ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Spots, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. Bit of show-and-tell.

    I've been teaching my Tiger 1050 some introductory mathematics to coincide with its 10,000km service, to see if it'd address the too-rich fuel mixture of the OEM 'offroad muffler' and the ECU tune which comes with the muffler.

    I figured I'd share for those curious.







    Looks like that's addressed the too-rich fuel-air mixture of the OEM 'offroad' muffler and the ECU tune included with the muffler. :)

    Fuel efficiency's a whisker better too.

    Other thoughts:
    Still really enjoying the Tiger. It does feel awfully wasted when pootling around in 50kph streets. The difference between 'idle' and '50kph cruise' is about two millimetres of throttle movement.

    Fuel efficiency below 60kph isn't pretty - Lots of camshaft overlap and an engine barely breathing at all = bad fuel efficiency. Cruising at 60+kph is basically 5.0L/100, cruising at 90-110 is about 4.8L on the flat. The faster you go, the more fuel efficient it gets! ;)

    Plenty of power, good rider and pillion comfort, good brakes, rah rah rah.

    Wouldn't mind a Tiger 675 though. ;)
  2. Next: work out the average occurrence of patrol cars/speed traps on the roads you drive. Calculate how often you're likely to be caught speeding, and figure out if the amount of petrol you save by speeding is more than the cost of the fines :p
  3. Exactly!

    "I'm sorry officer, I'm saving the environment!"
  4. Nearly said nice torque curve - but what a line :cool:

    IN regards to your economy, take it you're running premium :?:
  5. 95 octane! No noticable difference between 98 and 95, 'n 95's what the manual asks for. :)

    And yeah - incredibly flat torque 'curve' once it's above 3000rpm. :grin:
  6. Awww I want a a bike that does that! I'm sick of running into my bikes throttle stop :(
  7. I should qualify that and say, "No noticable difference between 98 and 95 on the butt dyno". Maybe things are different on a real dynamometer, but my arse isn't finely tuned enough to detect any difference between reallyamazinglyholycrapfast acceleration and reallyamazinglyholycrapandjustalittlebitfaster acceleration. Butt dynos only detect rises/falls in the torque curve anyway. :)

    JP - Eh, not using the throttle around town does get a little tiresome at times... ;) Well, perhaps tiresome isn't the right word. Let me just say that some of my fondest urban memories of the VTR250 were zipping around 50, 60 and 80kph zones in Melbourne CBD. The Tiger really isn't enjoying the urban experience until it's doing >60kph, preferably 70+. :)