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Tie downs?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Krollinator, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Anyone got any recommendations for some tie downs? I've got four "u" anchor points in the van, I'm just sick of having to use rope everytime as it takes so long. Does anyone have any advice as to what brand I should be leaning towards? Looking for a ratchet preferably.


  2. BIGGEST and beefiest one, there should be a load rating on them...........

    Most would hold a bike no problem, the issue is user error and how one ties it down...........
  3. Check Supercheap

    We use these on our dirt bikes. Long trip, 2 bikes, one ute, 6 anchor points. (Had to buy 2 packs of course..) and never had a failure. Easy to use too

    •4 pack
    •4.65m x 36mm webbing
    •650kg lashing capacity
    •PE coated double J hook

    Calibre Ratchet Tie Down

    Looks like they're half price at the moment too (y)
  4. For dirtbikes, the 50mm version of these is the normal standard. All dirtbike shops carry these with their own logos for $40 or so. ALWAYS do a hitch with the strap that is left over, the clamp map slip and this will prevent it being an issue.

    For a roadbike i learned this week, see other thread, that your gorila grip/canyon dancer is brilliant.
  5. Absolutely, if you cut corners and buy cheap ones, you'll still end up spending money on fat ones :angel: