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Tie Downs for roadbikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jimmythehuman, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. I am picking upa VTR1000 tomorrow and was looking at a mates one and could work out how to use my dirtbike tie downs.

    I dont think i can get to the lower triple clamps without scratching something.

    Is there a home grown method or do i need to buy a purpose built gadget like a canyon dancer?

    My trailer wont work with one of those ones that go over the back wheel.

    Got to bring the bike 200km so i want it on nice and safe...i cant get a lift there so i need to trailer it...any ideas?
  2. Hitchhike. Public transport?

    Or just jerry rig some chocks out of wood or cinderblocks. Use a movers blanket to pad the ropes.
  3. Where do you have to go?
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  5. I bought one of those Oxford nock off Canyon Dancers to transport my Laverda fitted with a Bevel ss fairing,complete waste of money.That was my experience with my trailer.I used my dirtbike tie downs on the triple trees.Its hard to say how your setup will work,easy to get fairing damage so take care.
  6. Speaking from experience the dirt bike ones will work, you can stay well away from the fairing by anchoring of the top triple clamp.

    I use a pair of riggers gloves to protect the clamp from any scratching, the 'hook' fits over the back side and pulls forward and down, just feed the strap under the hoses so you don't crush them.

    Just went out and took some quick and nasty pics to give you an idea of how I do it, two choices ... go wide as possible or if you cant go narrow and come up the INSIDE of the fairing [ but that way will need more stability from the rear ... ie use a strap each side of the rear peg hangers :)

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  7. Ta. i have a 3 bike trailer so i can go really wide. i think narrow would mean to far fwd to my tie down points. I will try to get a handlebar tie down tomorrow, if not i will make do anchoring to the triples. Where you put your hook is there anything stopping me from running my soft dirtbike strap through and back to the hook (if you know what i mean)

    What would be perfect is 2 straps about 300mm long with sewn loops at each end, hook around the top triple in a slip knot and feed them down next the fork, put a twist in them and anchor frm there...plus a rear tyre one.
  8. I have the tie downs from Hornet post for the ute very good and you can find them at large MC shops . I think mine are Gorilla grips but I got them here so 3 times the price of the eBay ones .

    Good luck with your bike good to see you found something
  9. So the answer was, borrow the gorilla grip/canyon dancer thing. Its brilliant.

    I used 2 normal dirtbike tie downs from the lower triples and it was solid...thanks for the tips...now i got a nice blue 03 VTR1000f :D
  10. Pic"s ? :)
  11. It really doesn't take that much to tie one down. If ya do it right. Same as the dirty really. Get the suspension low if not traveling to far or blocked if your doing a decent transport.
    JUst remember most of the alloy on road bikes is very light cast. Brakes masters and stuff are not good for purchase
  12. The advantage of the tie-downs I have is that they pull down vertically OUTSIDE the line of the fairings or other protruding parts of the bike, so there's no chance of anything being damaged in transit.
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