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Tie down straps to get the front end up?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Meyerhoff, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. Is this a bad idea? Im looking for a cheap solution to get the front end up to work on it. I figure ill just loop them around the frame and a beam in the garage and use the locks as pulleys. Will the locks be able to take the weight? Frankly im mostly worried about the beam. It would suck if there was termites.

    All the straps at the store cay they can take the weight of many times of what my bike will be. Does that include the locks?

  2. Are you talking about using ratchet straps? Might be fun releasing them.
    A couple of Aldi paddock stands would be better, don't lift the front without the rear on a stand though.
  3. My mechanic had been using this method in his workshop for as long as I've known him.....
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  4. I've done it exactly once.

    The problem with ratchet straps is in the fact that while they can be used to raise admirably in nice little increments , they do not lower - they only release. Unceremoniously dropping the load Use with care, maybe consider some sort of lowering strategy if your lift is large, the weight is significant, or you don't like surprises.

    I doubt I'll be doing it again any time soon.

    Oh by the way, lifting a bike by the bars or by the rear with no stabilisation can provide some interesting results. Lifting the rear, in particular, can be problematic.
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  5. Chain blocks are reversible and slings are cheap...
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  6. People have been doing it like this since bikes were invented.

    But perhaps a head stem stand would be a better idea?

    I'm assuming you are dropping the forks out?
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  7. But again front stands are way cheaper than broken ratchets, dropping your bike and breaking stuff...
  8. actually, ratchet straps can be released slowly so the bike can be winched down nicely. Pull the locking thing in but leave the ratchet engaged. Slowly move the ratchet handle about. Re engage the locking thing. Take another bite of the ratchet and do it again. It's slow going but easy to do. You don't have to just let the lock AND the ratchet release at once and have the whole thing crash down. Pretty shit description I know. Grab a ratchet and try it to see how.
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