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Tidying up the rear fender on a VTR250?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by josh909, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. Has anyone ever cut off the bottom part of their fender on a VTR250 in an effort to tidy it up? i'm toying with the idea of cutting it so that it stops behind the number plate, getting rid of a heap of plastic and the reflector. :twisted:

    if anyone can suggest a reason why i wouldn't want to do this, feel free to let me know...

  2. resale value??
  3. i seriously thought about it :LOL: , but i decided it would look messy no matter how i did it..if i saw a minimiser that looked simple to set up i would pick it up..oh and it would need really good instructions too :shock: if you do it post up the pictures :)

    edit: i was just looking at it and i think i might get around to doing it, thinking drawing a line on the plastic where the bottom of the plate is then taking the plate off and cutting (with something) on the upper side of the line so you wont even be able to see the cut and just tidy it up as much as possible with sand paper
  4. world's first VTR250 fenderoctomy?

    It may not actually be the world's first but I couldn't find anything online and no one i've spoken to has ever seen it done before :D

    Anyway, for all you baby Strorm owners, this is how you do it:

    1. take off the seat
    2. unclip the brake light and indicator leads
    3. unbolt the brake light
    4. unbolt the fender
    5. take off the fender and mark your cut line using a pencil
    5. cut off the bottom of the fender. (i was going to use a hacksaw but after i scored it with a stanley knife, i just kept going with the knife.
    6. use some sandpaper to clean it up
    7. use a lighter to burn off any little bits
    8. put the whole thing back together again

    the whole process took about half an hour :D

    apologies for the crappy pics - the gf has taken our camera away with her so i had to use my phone.

    this is the cut fender:


    this is the waste bit of plastic:


    this is the whole thing put back together:


    and a close up:


    i'm cheering - it looks heaps better :D
  5. I would recommend that you put that refector back, it's not there for decoration. It could make your bike more visable at night time.