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Tidy mounting of number plate, rego label and L/P plate

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Rybky, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Currently my KLE500 has a plastic rego label holder screwed to the bottom of my number plate (to one side) and I have managed to cable tie an L plate next to it but the L plate has already flicked back onto the wheel once and I cannot think of any better way to mount it.

    I qualify on age for the mature riders scheme but not on license as the RTA refuse to recognise a full UK drivers license held for 18 years as being equivalent to an Australian license held for 5 years, even though it was good enough to give me a gold NSW drivers license without taking a test!! :evil: Anyway, what this means is I have to go through the 3 months on L's and then a year on P's so I will have the extra plate on the back for a while. I might as well get it fitted right to start with.

    I found the tube style rego label holder, are they legal in NSW? If they are then I might get one and mount it away from the number plate so I have more space to hang the L/P plate off the bottom.


    - Adam
  2. I think the trick is to design a mount so it obscures your number plate, and camera fines/tollway fees are never received.
  3. Cool! Thanks, I will do just that.
  4. Umm... you're being sarcastic... Right?
  5. I know I was! :p
  6. i donno how to explain this but i managed to find a way of "screwing" my plates onto my reflector

    guess it depends on the bike you got... ill try and take a photo next time, its probably more secure than a plate mounter and would need to literally to ripped off so no chance of it falling.

  7. Have my rego label holder attached to one of the bolts holding the chain guard to the swingarm - legal in Qld but dunno about NSW.
  8. rego label mounting

    I've been going to whip down to Officeworks and get the label laminated then double sided tape it to some place convenient (like the fugly rear fender extender on the SV650). Havn't got around to it yet, so it's only a theory but it would have to work, yes?
  9. Re: rego label mounting

    I would not rely on double sided tape to hold it, on really hot days or if it is just left in the direct sun for a while the tape will soften.

    I am going to get one of the pro rego tube holders next month, I reckon I can mount that vertically next to my number plate which would be neater.

  10. My rego label was in a plastic holder, screwed to the bottom of the number plate.

    Looked shite.

    It was 'ripped off' so I decided to duct tape it to the underside of the seat.
    I have been stopped a couple of times by Mr Plod, and have been able to produce the label on request, promptly (key operated seat release.)
    They have been satisfied each time.

    I relocated the number plate towards the centre of the wheel, and higher than the MFG mounted it. I removed over a kilo of ugly bulky plastic rubbish that was holding it on lower and more rearward. Enabled me to mount the indicators closer to the rear pan, (still within ADR's) but inside the line of the ventura rack, so they wont be knocked off.
    Looks a lot cleaner, neater, and is just as visible from the rear at car level. When I have a ventura bag on, it would be hard to see from a citilink/eastlink gantry. Hence my earlier post.
  11. I put my rego label on the side of the bike, is there anything wrong with that? It makes more sense than having it on the back of the bike, but it seems like that's where everyone else has got them on so the strength of numbers has got me a bit antsy.
  12. I think the RTA requirement in NSW is for it to be mounted next to the number plate but I don't think it is enforced.

  13. It took a couple of months and two destroyed L plates before I found the solution ... a Rego Pro Tube mounted vertically next to the number plate on the rear guard, this leaves under the number plate for a solid mounting of the L plate by making slits in it that the plate cover clips go through. No way the L plate can flip back onto the tyre as it did with the first two!!


    The Rego Pro Tube was the best option as it comes with a metal mouting plate that allowed for this type of mounting position. A really good quality tube holder, very happy with it.

  14. My bike came new with the rego on the left hand side. Never been mentioned when i've been pulled over.