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Ticking TLR

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by cheky, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,
    I have a 99 TLR 1000. I have had a few bike but this would be my first V twin. When i first start it i dont hear any ticking.. once the bike warms up its ticking like crazy...
    I do mechanics part time and when we hear ticking its not a good sign...

    Am i being paranoid or could there be something wrong. A few people say its normal and some say i could have a cam chain problem...

    any suggestions?

    Thanks guys in advance.
  2. noise = wear.

    Most likely a cam chain tensioner
  3. Thanks Vic, I was thinking that but then i have some bike mechanice say that out of 10 TLR's 8 might tick loud. I was told that i can get it all greased up which will remove the noice but once the grease wears it will come back.
  4. Possibly a bomb, check for coloured wires connected to explosives.

    Don't cut the red one.
  5. How bad/frequent/linked to revs is this ticking? What does it sound like? Tapping or slapping?
  6. The tlr runs a complex cam chain set up. I would not be suprised if they had problems.

    Still most bikes tick a bit as none (that I know of) have hydraulic lifters.
  7. good question.. this site needs a 'sound' section.. mines a bit of a ticker (normal valve noise they say). thus why im getting a louder pipe so it sounds ok.. :grin:
  8. Don't know the specific engine, but could be rocker gear?
  9. that would be my thought.
  10. Thanks for that guys. I was told they do have a different set up and the ticking come from the top gears. the bottom half are a chain set up. The ticking sounds like walve noise. i had it checked and was told that there is nothing wrong and that i can get the gears greased up and i wont hear it untill the grease wears off.
  11. For those that don't know the TLR runs a shorter cam chain to an intermediate gear, that then drives the two cam gears.

    So they are probably talking about greasing those top three (six in total) gears. I can't see it lasting more than 10s of ks unless they use some seriously special purpose ultra sticky grease.

    this type of grease could clog your filter prematurely or even clag the oil pump.

    IMO stay away from this idea.
  12. Let's hope so. I hate ticking. Previous car-related ticking sounds have ended up being knackered small end bearing (bad) and broken crank ( :shock: ).

    Get out the stethoscope and find out exactly where it is coming from, and get thee to a mechanic of great wisdom.
  13. It sounds bad and it may blow up on you.
    I'll take it off your hands so you wont have to listen to it again :LOL: :LOL:
  14. A Mate of mine had one a few years ago, that seemed to have a similar tick, fairly common in my opinion. depends on how loud it is. may be worth while looking at a heaver weight engine oil, if it is louder once it warms up the oil is to thin.
  15. wack in some thicker oil and stick on a louder pipe. beer. problem solved
  16. One of those thermaly activated time jobbies.
  17. the tls are known for a lot of rattling and ticking, go check tlplanet and tlzone for advice. According to most of the guys on there tl stands for
    Ticks Loudly hahah
  18. my VTR does similar, in that it has a noisy ticking noise, stands out compared to other VTRs ive owned. mate said it might be loose tappets or something, i dunno. spose i could take it to the mechanics, i do most of the other servicing myself..