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Ticking noise CBR250RR

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by boof81, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Ticking noise from front of engine area? that stays in sync with revs. As far as i know, this engine doesnt have tappets, uses a gear not chain driven cam and doesnt use a distributor rotor. So thats all my ideas (carried over from 10 years of old commodore engines) done. It started after a day at Barbagall o W.A. running flat out for 3-4 hours. Has also decided to cough & splutter like losing a cylinder in low revs in 1st & 2nd gear, which i understand are run with a retarded spark, whereas no problem in higher gears, with an advancing spark. When i pulled apart the top of the bike, i got as far as taking the airbox off & discovered heavy amounts of fuel & either oil or dirty/rusty fuel sprayed around the chamber. Plugs r clean, Jets r clean, not blowing smoke, backfired twice today. HELP! there is a 2-3 week waiting list for service in perth area.

  2. are the valve clerances/carbs balanced ajusted. If ur screwed there is a crb250 manual online somwhere which talks u through a service. Although u will need some good measureing tools.
  3. The ticking sound would probably indicate that the tappets need adjusting (yes it does have them). If it is this, typical signs are the ticking being more prominent at hotter temps.

    It also sounds as though your carbs need servicing. i.e. Float heights adjusted, balanced, etc. It could also be an electrical problem, with the generator, reg/rect not supplying a strong enough spark at lower revs. The first 2 gears don't have retarded spark, it advances with revs, not gears.

    It won't do any harm if you ride it around sensibly while its like this, adjusting the tappets is part of a major service.

    I'd probably check out the electrical side of things first. Get a multimeter and do all of the checks in this link, it will tell you exactly what's wrong if it is the elctrical system:

  4. thanks

    cheers fellas, taking into account, i think i just need to hang out for the major service & thumb rides for a week. much appreciated your replies tho.