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'Ticking noise' after mechanical work

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by paulm_collins, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    Ive recently had some serious work done, under warranty.
    Fulll details can be found here:


    Basically, had the following:

    Head reconditioned
    New O2 sensor
    New Valves
    New valve guides

    Since getting all of this work done, I have noticed a 'Ticking' noise when the engine is turning over.
    Hard to explain in words, but basically a continuous 'Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick' whenever the engine is running. This is when standing and when riding.

    Anyone got any ideas on this ? Should I be taking it back ?
  2. im not exactly what you would call mechanically minded (but i am getting better) but if the noise was not there before, i would just take it back, and just ask them if this is supposed to be happening, if yes your fine, if not book it in, and see if it comes under a warrenty or something of the work that you have just had done by them.
  3. Thanks enzise.

    The noise definately wasnt there before, but Ive basically got a reconditioned engine after all this work so wasnt sure if this was normal, as the bike was running extremely rough before all of this was done.
  4. If it is a quick "tap tap tap tap" at idle, coming from under the rocker cover, then that is the valves - when the engine is cold the ticking will be louder, but some valve clicking is normal. See if you can confirm what valve clearance they used, it's an hour or so job to adjust the valves, deending on bike (more for fairings, draining water, oil galleries etc)
  5. Thanks rs101.

    That sounds like exactly what the noise is.
    As I said, I thought that this may be normal but, as the engine qas so stuffed before, I wasnt getting this noise.......

    I will get it checked out anyway but doesnt sound like its anything to worry about......
  6. Does it go away when warm? Valve clearence could be out & can be a bugger as they are under bucket shims meaning the cams must come out to adjust them. Could be an exhaust flange leak. As it was a warranty job I'd be straight back demanding they fix the problem straight away.
  7. No it doesnt go away when warm.

    It is louder when its cold, but it doesnt go away, just gets slightly less obvious.......
  8. ST

    Fire the bike up & using a rag bunched up try to block the exhaust outlet. If it's the flange gasket it will increase the noise & needs just re-sealing. If you run the revs up & it still ticks it sounds more like valve clearences.
  9. Use a screwdriver as a stethoscope to check the valves: stick one end against the rocker cover and put your ear (carefully) over the other. You should be able to hear the sound plainly, and be able to locate the cylinder affected.
    Take the bike back again if it's this.
  10. thiumphs have a common problem of the altinator driven gear backing off a bit. it's just 3 bolts to undo the altinator and pop it off and check. can save a lot of money. i'm also seen a thred for a good triumph bloke in melbourn. might be worth a try or have a look on t595.co.uk the blkoes on there have diagnosed faults over the net.

    od you have the workshop manuel? if not i can show you where to down load it. i did but diferent to my 1999 daytona.
  11. Thanks everyone for your help.

    Ive just rung the workshop and they said to drop it by tomorrow morning and they will take a listen\look at it.

    As this is still effectively under warranty, I dont want to go anywhere else as yet.........
  12. let us know how you get on.
  13. Just dropped by the service centre, the triumph mechanic had a look and listened to the noise.
    He said that its the cam tensioner.
    He said its nothing to worry about but they have ordered a replacement so will probably get it done next week.
  14. Good to hear a resolution, why was it ticking? hitting a certain point on the timing chain?
  15. I presume this is the case but im not really sure.

    Hopefully theyll get the part next week so I will let you know how it goes.