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NSW Ticketing just 1 bike of many

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by sharkboy, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. So having been riding only 2-3 weeks now I got my first parking ticket near work today in Surry Hills.
    And technically yes the warden is correct that I overstayed my 2 hours in the spot - I'm not trying to dispute that I am at fault.
    Admittedly I am feeling a bit sorry for myself as I arrived 6 mins over the 2 hours to see a ticket on my bike for 108 dollars. Also ignoring the fact that in this area there are usually 10 bikes around the street parked there pretty much all day long and never get tickets including a colleague's bike who parks there all day long for weeks without incident - but lucky him, he is on leave today.

    So aside from the fact that the warden managed to catch me inside such a small time window I'm pretty surprised that none of the other bikes around me received tickets - and at least 2 of them were there before and after me - I can't figure out the logic here?

    Neither of them had resident permits and their tires weren't even chalked? Am I missing something obvious here or did the warden just decide to pi*s on my day alone? Since then there are still loads of other bikes on the same street that have not moved, no chalk on their tires etc..

    So although I'm obviously annoyed about the fine it is the strange singling out of my bike (a red CB500f) that I am left scratching my head about - any helpful thoughts? :)

  2. Maybe the others just ditched their tickets.

    They have to prove you received it, don't they?
  3. Perhaps, but none of their tires were chalked at all except mine. I took the bike to work today to avoid going out on the booze after work lol - now it would have been cheaper to go out! :)
  4. I hope you took photos. A suggestion that the warden has been paid off would be worthy payback.
  5. 10 bikes at 10 bucks a week each, tax free, call me cynical.
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  6. Maybe he just doesn't like Hondas
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  7. Do they still use chalk? For many years down here local councils have used image recognition for numberplate logging and GPS for Geo location stamping. Some of the councils have cars setup with fixed cameras so they don't even have to stop, just drive around. If your numberplate is visible you will be picked up. Perhaps the other bikes were pointing the other way.
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  8. It does seem unusual that you were 'chalked' for arrival and ticketed within a 6min window at both ends. I would suggest a specific complaint was made.
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  9. Nope. They don't.
  10. The inspectors around my area take pictures of your vehicle and parking zone when they ticket you.
  11. Ya the wheel was chalked - on the ticket it says checked at 09:10 and and tickets at 11:16 - I arrived about 09:08 and was down at the bike at 11:18 in a 2 hour area - no sign of the warden.
    Bloody annoying as I was trying to actually do the correct thing while other bikes stay there day in day out without issues.

    Are you suggesting that someone complained about my bike alone? No reason for that to be the case - there was plenty of space on the street for more bikes or cars and mine was parked correctly and not blocking or inconveniencing. Oh well, an expensive 10 mins.
  12. sharkboysharkboy I'd be writing a letter explaining your situation. If you haven't got a bad traffic record, explain your situation as you've done here... new to biking, your times, tried to do the right thing, couldn't see the ranger to perhaps explain your position at the time, admit the 6 minute infraction, blah, blah, blah. For the sake of postage, you never know if you never ask. I'd avoid going down the path of no one else being chalked etc, just explain your situation. I too see many bikes parked in excess of times around my place in the city. My assumption is that they belong to residents and the rangers have a list of the regos as its difficult to display the permit which can easily be taken off your bike by some grub. I have seen on occasion a permit on a bike and think yeah, that won't last long before someone grabs it. Stupid thing is it has the vehicle rego on it and rangers can check it with their records.
    GeorgeOGeorgeO no its not a proof for the rider to have received it. If the infringement does disappear for whatever reason, the reminders come later in the mail to the registered owner's address.
    Parking fines are one of my pet hates. It just screams revenue raising by councils. Hell its such a money spinner for Sydney that rangers work 24/7. I work in Parramatta and they have timed and ticketed parking a good 3kms from the CBD, how is that in keeping to allowing freeflow of access to business? Yeh better step off my soap box now before I rant on here....

  13. A disturbance in The Force....
  14. The other bikes may have been moved a few feet or swapped places.
  15. at least you got free parking for the rest of the day :)

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  16. Things might have changed but years ago I got a parking ticket. Wrote a letter explaining my situation blah blah and received one back saying parking tickets are treated differently to speeding fines and they do not review them. $185 later.....first and only (touch wood) one I have got...
  17. You can request a review for the ticket - at least it says that on their site but technically speaking I was of course longer than the two hours.
    Wheres me BoikeWheres me Boike the other bikes had definitely not moved.

    cool jesuscool jesus Ya I guess that is one possible explanation but I don't think they are residents - there are no apartments on that stretch of road as far as I know it is all offices.

    I looked up the review process and basically you are advised to provide any evidence that it was incorrectly ticketed - I don't think I actually have a case there but rather requesting leniency.
    Anyway, I appreciate the answers as the situation seemed a bit bizarre to me and I thought I might be missing something obvious but it seems the warden just didn't like my bike compared to the others.
  18. Send it in. Its not a dispute, your asking for pleading for leaniency and hopefully will receive a warning. Although reading above, this may not be possible with parking. BASTARDS!!!
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  19. They also take photos of the cars they book in Melbournes CBD. But it's not a good idea to stand in the pushbike lane to do it when I'm passing on the pushie. SMIDSY
    Maybe he recovered some pics from the camera after it went sailing down the road. Hopefully not mine.
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  20. You broke the rules and got caught. They are not obliged to book everyone or anyone and the fact that they didn't book others doesn't give you grounds to have yours excused.

    You can appeal but appeals tend to be in relation to special circumstances, emergencies etc. I can't see you meeting that unless there are other factors you haven't mentioned.

    Think I would just chalk this one down to experience.

    If you want to do something practical about this, lobby your local MPs to bring in footpath parking like we have in Vic, then at least you won't have the same parking issues in future.
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