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Ticketek: Learn to not be useless.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jirf88, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. So its time for a rant.

    On Friday, I logged on to Ticketeks website to order some tickets to a gig. Business as usual, log in, select event, select ticket, enter CC info, hit accept.

    Not this time. After I enter the CC info, it tells me that the request could not be completed, so I have to try again by clicking the provided link. Fair enough, so I click, and it logs me out and takes me to the homepage. So I go through the motions again, and hit the big red OK button. It then proceeds to charge me for two tickets, despite that I only ordered one. /somewhat irritated.

    So I look on the site for any manner or contact number so I can call them and reverse one of these tickets. No number on the contact us page. Ohh, found one, buried in the help menu. /annoyed

    I call it. The number is busy. /very annoyed

    I try again the next day. No answer. Then the next. No answer. Then today. Still no response. /raging up

    So I decide "Fine. Ill fill out the web based contact us form" So I do. I select the reason for my correspondance (general) and then type out a firm, yet polite email requesting to be contacted regarding this. This is the automated response that I get.

    "Dear Josh

    Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your interest in Ticketek.

    Please note that we do not respond to requests for general information. All available and confirmed information regarding events, on sale dates, prices, venues, etc., can be found on our website, ticketek.com.au.

    For any urgent matters please call 132 849."

    Well isn't that rude. They aren't going to bother contacting me about this. Further more, that number is the one I've been calling for the past four days. It continues to be engaged. /infuriated

    So I go back to the web based form and I select a different reason for my correspondance. I type out a scathing email that makes no concessions regarding my opinion of their customer service. Off it goes.

    And I get back the same response. /livid

    So I sent them a REAL angry letter. I've attached it below.


  2. Thanks. You put a smile on my face. I think we all want to send a letter like that to some people at least once a week..........ok maybe once a day.
  3. I sent a photo of my nuts to Qjump last year cause they fcuked up my Splendour in the Grass Order, then cancelled it.
  4. Ticketek are pretty woeful.

    On the subject of online tickets; why is there a freaking booking fee above and beyond what the tickets cost when you organise tickets for Greater Union cinemas online???

    Isn't the whole point that they save money on employing people to vend them to you at the cinema. Would have thought an automated system should be cheaper.

  5. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ We thank you for your patience. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ We value your patronage.
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Please hold the line while a customer service representative checks their Facebook profile. $$$$$$$$ Thankyou for choosing our online, automated and just generally awesome ticketing system.

    That'll be $83.50 for 2 tickets to see Transformers 2.*

    *Ticketek takes no responsibility for the quality of product being provided through this service. Have a nice day!
  6. They screwed up my last ticket purchase (I confirmed all the way through for Front Standing, then in my email they are Rear? The hell?)

    So I used the contact forms, kept getting back "As per our ToS you may not get a refund".

    Sent them one last email saying "Hi, as per the mistake I contacted you about earlier I would like a refund for my ticket purchase (transaction ID: xxxx). Am I able to do that through you or do I need to contact my credit card provider to initiate a chargeback.

    I walked out of the room to grab a drink, get back 60 seconds later and I have 4 missed calls... and the phone starts ringing again as I pick it up. Manager of Online Sales, calling to offer me a refund :wink: . It's all about the magic words ("creditcard chargeback" will get them on your side - they know they won't win, and know you're smarter than the average emailer). If you use the contact form for "Double Bookings", they should be able to sort you out without needing to resort to that, though :). If not, either email them along the lines of that or just call your bank and get them to reserve the second charge.
  7. True story? Choice!
  8. Scout's honour.
  9. I had some issues with them on the weekend when trying to book some tickets for the footy... same deal, book the tickets, then the site drops down... went to book more, but my membership had "exceeded the allocated limit" and i couldnt get more until the other lot had "expired" so i had to wait 10 minutes to order them again!