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Ticketed for parking next to a bus stop.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ryan_a, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. I just witnessed a scooter being issued a parking ticket for parking next to a bus stop. This is on in Melbourne, Queen Street between Bourke and Little Bourke.

    I stopped and asked the ranger what he was ticketing the scooter for. He said that a bus had pulled up and had nowhere to let his passengers off. This strip of footpath is interjected with a bunch of crap - traffic light boxes (or something), cafe seating (of which they probably have a permit).

    Anyway, the bus zone is about two bus-lengths long, and it had (and usually has) about 2-3 bikes parked along side it. Today there were four including the scooter.

    To be fair there wasn't much room left for a bus to let their passengers off with all the bikes, scooters and chairs and tables, but this ranger only gave one lone scooter a ticket. Perhaps because it was the ugliest one of the four (fair game :p) but why give one a ticket and not another? So my question is:

    a) is it against the law to park next to a bus stop
    b) if so, what about loading zones?

    If it is your scooter you'd best skedaddle and take some pictures of your scooter in context of the other bikes. The ranger was taking photos (of the lone scooter - he said they were for court to prove his case), the context with the other bikes would probably get the ticket thrown out in court!
  2. The law talks about blocking or impeding foot traffic, so that's what he got done for I suppose?
  3. Maybe he just hates scooters? Plenty of people do!
  4. ^ +1

    What matti-san said....
    You can park anywhere as long as you are not shown to impede the natural flow of traffic.

    In this case, it's pretty damn obvious that the passengers off the bus will have trouble.. so yeah, that's a no go.
  5. But if he parked OUTSIDE (ie next to, if i understand correctly) the bus zone, then F'em, they should have made a bigger bus zone, +1 for take photo's and post in saying you were clearly outside the bus zone.

    EDIT: From the OP, do you mean on the footpath, or on the actual street, cannot tell from description?
  6. It was parked on the footpath. As were 4 other bikes. Only one got a ticket :)
  7. booga, I don't think it's the fact that he parked in the bus zone, but that where he parked was definitely without a doubt impeding traffic.

    But then again it may be the case that the inspector didn't know about htis and was just fining him for being in a bus zone. :p
  8. i read the OP as he was parked on the footpath, next to a bus stop. thus would be blocking/impeding people who were getting on or off the bus.

    no dice.
  9. nibor, dont be a sour puss now that you have no dice to play with ;) ... yeah, you can hit me later :p
  10. Was the scooter parked in the flip out wheelchair ramp zone?

    That may explain why only 1 ticket...
  11. Was the scooter parked where the bus doors would be when it pulled up?

    The guidelines also state "do not park near taxi ranks, tram and bus stops".

    Being a scooter rider they probably haven't read the guidelines which talk about parking motorcycles. (Seriously - some scooter riders have said they don't apply to them anyway because they're only scooters) :p

    (The new edition - out soon - refers to Guidelines for parking motorcycles & scooters)