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Ticket Infringement Notice

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by kiss_the_future, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. I received a ticket infringement notice in the mail...under brief description of offence it states..UNABLE TO PRODUCE VALID TICKET.

    Im looking to dispute the offence...i did not have a ticket because the machine at my local station was not accepting notes, only debit card. Now i only had about 10 min to get to work and i knew if i was to tell a ticket inspector i was going to have to wait around untill they could verify my story...which would have taken ages. So i opted to jump the barrier and then the undercover ticket inspectors caught me and the rest is history. Now on my infringement letter it just states unable to produce valid ticket...so i guess im just disputing my reasons for not purchasing a ticket.

    I've never had a fine before and i buy a full fare ticket everytime i go to work. I jumped the barrier knowing that on my way home i would have needed a ticket anyway, so evading was never an issue.

    Can anyone shed some light on how to go about writing a dispute letter, or if anyone who has disputed a fine let me know the procedure.
  2. hmm, sounds like bad luck. The one time this happened to me, they let me off - even when I was on the train without a ticket. They must be nastier and have greyer coats now.

    Anyway, in my (questionable) legal opinion, they do have some obligation to prove that the machine was operating correctly at the time, so you have a fair chance of getting off.
  3. message to bollox.....it's not like I'm doing anything really wrong here...just tellin him the law....big deal
  4. Im in Melbourne and i was pulled up at Flinders Street station...i told the inspectors the exact same thing i've told you guys. They said they would have to chase up the incident to make sure i wasn't lying, and if i was telling the truth i would receive a lighter fine for jumping the barrier.

    In my infringement letter it states unable to produce valid ticket...so to me that says they just wrote me up a fine for no ticket and never bothered chasing up the matter to verify my story.
  5. I don't believe that that is actually an offence... You'll definitely get off if they said that. They are just hoping you'll pay it.
  6. its an illegal exit...code 3149 Unauthorised exit.
  7. if the inspectors did their job correctly, they will have had to have a machine check done on the machine that did not work at the time of the offence. Usually they will have a machine check done for the entire hour.

    If the machine check comes back saying that other people were able to obtain a ticket using notes then the ticket inspector will send the report in with the machine check attached. A fine is issued by the department of infrastructure, which is a government department.

    Basically you have committed two seperate offences, one is illegal exit the other for no ticket. It sounds like they have only reported one offence and that is not having a ticket.
  8. yeah, I was JUST about to say the same thing... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. just run!

    your pretty game for jumping barriers at flinders during peak hour too :p
  10. I think they pinged you for the lesser offence. No ticket gets you 5 penalty units, jumping the barrier gets you 15.
    Transport (Public Transport Corporation) Regulations 1994

    R309 No exit, entry, or travel except in proper place

    (1) A person who does not have either a reasonable excuse or the permission of an authorised person must not—

    (a) enter or leave a station, platform or other part of the Corporation's premises other than by means of an entrance or exit provided for passengers or the public; or


    Penalty: 15 penalty units.

    Transport Act 1983


    (2) A person may make a journey in a carriage, or be on land or premises for entry to which a ticket is required, without a ticket if—

    (a) prior to commencing the journey or entering that land or those premises he or she takes all reasonable steps to purchase a ticket; and

    (b) while making the journey or being on that land or those premises he or she has no reasonable opportunity to purchase a ticket;


    (c) on completion of the journey or on leaving that land or those premises he or she takes all reasonable steps to purchase a ticket.

    (3) Subject to sub-section (2), a person who makes a journey in a carriage, or is on land or premises for entry to which a ticket is required, without having in his or her possession a ticket that is valid for that journey or entry is guilty of an offence.

    Penalty: 5 penalty units.
  11. if you had you rode your bike youd never be in this mess.
    you know the dangers of public transport
    stay away from it at all costs.
    you couldnt have used your charm to persuade them otherwise?
    kick em in the nuts that always WORKS :p
  12. Regardless of jumping the barrier, the infringement letter is issued for a no ticket offence...not purchasing a ticket because the machine is malfunctioning should be reason enough.
  13. I would have loved to ride my bike...if only the insurance company will pay up already to repair the damages on my bike. The $150 for the fine could be better spent on the bike...like a new back tyre would help.
  14. you should have walked straight up to them and explained that the machine was broken. I used to get on at a particularly bad station, so I would have to do that all the time.

    you might wanna try out the 5*daily tickets - they'll save you a bit of money over dailies and you wont have this problem again.
  15. Think I'd accept and pay the fine. Sounds like if you complain they could also add in barrier jumping, which appears to be even more again.

    A workmate recently wrote a letter after receiving a fine for no ticket on a tram. Wrote a bs story to try and get out of it, and he was using details on the back of the notice to send the letter I believe.
  16. message to Bollox....ur a spy
  17. think that's bad? my best mate was going to miss the train so he jumped a 3 foot high fence and jumped on the train, ticket inspectors came to his carriage, asked for a vaild ticket, he had one, asked for his current concession card, he had it, he was polite through the exchange..

    they booked him for entering the train station area illegally. :evil: :evil: :evil: &*($#&*#@