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Tick-Tick-Tick CBR600F4

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Smokae, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. #1 Smokae, Dec 1, 2010
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    This ticking noise began last week, the same day after I filled up & within a few hours of doing so. I have since gone through a few tanks of petrol.

    Here is a video of my bike (Well, the sound at least ;)


    Others have similar sounds but mine is nowhere near as bad.

    I think it is coming from the top end. It can almost be heard travelling through the exhaust. The exhaust note sounds different, as if there is a corresponding sound to the tempo of the tick that sounds labored, almost.

    The noise does not disappear, get any better or worse whether the bike is warm or cold. This was filmed cold.

    As for the bike's performance, it seems fine. The same power is there, gears are changing ok for a 85,000km old clutch.

    But not half as loud and when revving, it cannot be heard above 2200rpm.

    I watched a cam chain tensioner adjustment video. I attempted this but the bolt into my CCT is an 8mm round head with no groove for a screw driver. Worse, it is seized up BADLY. I cannot make it budge.

  2. It's your triple trimodulator. Get a replacement.
  3. Get a new CCT - or better still replace it with a MCCT... Honda doesn't have the best record with CCTs...
  4. I dunno, it's too regular a pattern for a cct, they tend to lash around, no real harmonics or tempo to them.

    That sounds more like a tappet, or a valve clearance issue. Maybe even a worn lobe on a cam. Really hard to tell with a video though.
  5. Im guessing that to... so your fix will be take it to a Doctor, top end needs to be opened up for diagnostic clearances!
  6. Do you warm the bike up well before riding it ???
    CCT's are comen on a lot of bikes. But usually have a distinctive sound.
    How long since your last valve check ??
    On the warming up bit. If you don't you can pit the lobes on your cam. Causing a ticking noise. I let mine get to 75c before I take it above idle or ride it.
    Always start it first, then put all your kit on. It doesn't take long and can save you big bucks.
  7. Yeah I do let it warm up, 2-3 minutes. Often more if I don't have my gear already on.
  8. I have a similar sound on my 99 F4. tic tic ticking and it gets quicker as you increase revs, seems to go away when fully warm. Any ideas??
  9. Check your valves, both of you.
  10. Well I just checked my spark plugs out of curiosity and the bases are covered in thick, old, aged oil. Just serviced it, and prior to that, the oil wasn't too bad, and sparks were changed 5000kms ago. The tips are perfectly fine. Photo below.



    The oil is not anything like the oil I just put into this machine. Ticking started prior to service.

    I will go ahead with the valve clearence check.
    I will get a mechanic onto this as it is beyond my resources, no shims & such.

    But oil on the plugs gives me a gut wrenching feeling :S

    Thanks for your help guys.
  11. oil or wet soot?
  12. You should remove your camchain, drop the oil out of the pan and start it up again. That will remove the excess oil for sure.
  13. A very thick consistent layer of oil. Picture of that plug, it was the same for all 4.

    The mechanic who last serviced my bike claimed it needs plugs every 5000km but everything I read says 12-16000km. I thought it sounded strange but oil on plugs is stranger still.
  14. I recall reading that spark plugs will almost never need replacing, just correcting. Not sure though.
  15. How do you correct a spark plug?

    Don't see what the big deal is in changing them.. do mine every 5000!! :eek:
  16. Wow, it couldn't get worse could it. The fuel pump regulator relay they replaced 5500kms ago looks to be dead again, same behavior as before, noisy pump and poor fuel flow. fml.
  17. You sit down beside it and say "your answer was 1-4-3-2? The correct answer is 1-2-4-3"

    Stick a screwdriver blade on your valve cover and put your ear on the handle. If it's a valve you'll hear it loud and clear.

  18. Hokai, so some helpful info from my friendly mechanic.

    1) Honda motorbikes of this vintage at least, allow a small amount of fuel residue to creep up a small gap coating some of the thread of the plug. It's normal and ends up forming a seal. So the piston rings were no blown.

    2) The fuel filter should never be filled to the bring and only a small amount of fuel in there can be ok.

    3) The tick-tick-tick looks to be a cam chain tensioner that has simply had it, at 85000kms it is time to be replaced. The valve clearences were not the cause, at this stage he thinks, as the noise is too subtle.