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Tick for Western QBE

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by duncanp, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. When I insured with Western QBE at the beginning of this year, I told them I wouldn't be riding over 8k in a year and as result got a 5% discount.

    Six months later and I'm up to 6k and looking to do a 4k Sydney Mackay return trip soon.

    So I just called Western QBE to let them know that I would be over the 8k mark and would they like to bump up my premium by the 5% it was discounted. They said no they wouldn't, they would simply remove the 8k limit at no further cost saving me $11.
  2. Fantastic!

    Now you can buy an extra sandwhich and milkshake. :)
  3. BTW, join a riding club (i.e. HRCA). That'll give you another 5% discount. And named rider will give you another 5% off.

    And named rider is fairly easy. All you do before a mate takes it off for a blat is call them up, tell them your mates name and DOB, and bang they are covered.

    And since there are only a handful of people I would let take my bike for a spin, it's easy enough to do.
  4. With QBE, just make sure you read the fine print ....especially the bit about leaving the bike unattended/ out of sight.

    a stupid clause but with a nasty sting!!!!!
  5. The clause is leaving the bike unlocked in public. i.e. no steering lock on.

    If you do that, you're not covered for theft.