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Tibia stress fracture

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. I've developed a stress fracture in my right leg. What this means is though I can't really feel or see it (can feel pain upon heavy loading - running), my leg is technically fractured and I'm not supposed to load it.

    This is a rather pain in the ass in terms of fitness and strength. I'm planning on increasing my swimming significantly, but I'm at a rather loss for what to do regarding core strength. I was primarily doing plank varieties, bicycle crunches and some push-up lat rows, but now all but the crunches are off limits for me.

    Does anyone know of any core exercises that do not load up the lower legs in any way?

  2. try doing the plank on your knees, hold your crunches longer maybe use some extra weight when doing them, try putting your arms out straight up beside your head when you do your crunches. look at some pilates exercies, if you go to the gym they usually have a crunch machine or you could google ab exercises
  3. pilates [so some women say] is great for core strength, give that a go? Or someone else that does it can confirm this for you.
  4. Swimming is also good for core strength without stressing bones/joints.
  5. Crunches (or situps for the old school)
  6. Core work:

    Hang from a chin-up bar.
    Pull your legs up from there (you can vary intensity by how much you bend your knees and how high you lift) once they're raised, you can twist them from side to side to engage obliques as well.

    you can do crunches lying flat on the ground too - just raise your legs off the ground and bring them up at the same time as you move your upper body. Again keeping your legs straight and raising them is more intense (may be whay you're already doing)

    Gyms should have incline benches for sit-ups that let you lock in your legs.
    depenging on the location of the fracture thay may oo may not be suitable

    Sitting on a gym ball and then deliberately allowing it to roll about beneath you while you stay sitting on top will engage most of your core muscles.
  7. Lilleys asking for core workouts without using the lower legs
  8. He's asking for stuff that doesn't load them up.
    Moving them is fine. With a stressie he just doesn't want to be putting strain on them.
  9. bench press