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Thursday's Heat Wave Pic

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Tizza, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. [​IMG][/img]

  2. And Today's gonna be similar :shock:
    Leaving work yesterday I contemplated NOT having ATGATT for about 3 sec...
    Decided it was a stupid idea, and with my luck I'd kiss the tarmac.
    So it was the usual ride home, along with dripping sweat down my back.
  3. Definition

    ATGATT: All the Gear All the Time
  4. Bah, ur all soft.....it was 42 here in Adelaide......

    mind you, i wasnt riding....was in the air conditioned car :LOL:
  5. Unless what makes you have an off is the onset of heat-stroke. :LOL:

    Temp > 35 degrees. Bike stays underground!
  6. I left work about 5:30pm yesterday (Collins St) and by the time I went past the big time/temp sign at Airport West it was still 41C

    I park the bike in the underground carpark at work and even wearing summer gloves I kept checking to see if my heated grips were on........before I had even left the carpark :shock:

    FLEX day off today
    driving around in the cage picking up accessories for the bike :LOL:
    definately good trade off with the climate control in the Astra

  7. Wuss :cool:
  8. Soft alright. I saw the guage hit 44 outside when I came back from that ride.
  9. ill have you know that i was riding at phillip island that day, wasnt bad at all.

    dont you just love PS3?!!
  10. Soft soft soft :grin: I still have the liner in my jacket. :LOL:
    Although a ride to the servo in a T-shirt was a lot more comfortable :eek:
  11. Stay with ATGATT lads :?
  12. did my roadtrip to melb in 42 C with winter gear. I had a long shower when i got to the hostel :LOL:
  13. im telling mum

  14. 40, hot??
    my work environment starts at 40!
    ya sook :cool:
  15. The heat really isn't that bad on a bike. I'm wearing draggin cargo's and shift leather jacket. I only feel the heat at the lights so i pop up my visor...

    I always think the heats gona be bad but once I'm moving i just can't feel it.

    although the sun did sting my arms where the stretch fabric is, UV must have been through the roof