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Thursday Night Ride TNR

Discussion in 'QLD' started by chicflutterby, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. It's that time of the week again, and this week it's a mountain and coffee!!!!
    Meet at springwood Maccas for a 6.15pm departure to Milton Maccas,
    Meet at Milton Maccas for a 7.15 departure.
    The plan is to do a mountain and end up at Albany Creek Maccas for a coffee and chat.

    Everyone welcome, ride your own ride, support will be offered this week to new riders by the regulars.
    No one gets left behind.
    So get on it and we will see you there!

  2. This looks like its going to be a big night.....whose in??
  3. Don't forget this is on tonight!!
  4. I'll be there ^_^ Say hi if u see an Asian boy on blue cb400 that's me!!
  5. Will Do lol.....were you with us last week?
  6. No Only been on TNR once n it was a while ago lol
  7. milton maccas at 7.15.
    you're a BRC girl aren't ya
  8. Good ride tonight thanks for looking after newbies like us
  9. Glad you had a good time, we always look after the newbies!! Don't forget its on again this week so I hope to see you all there.

    Yes, I am also on BRC (and ASB lol)!
  10. So, who's up for this Thursday night? Same place and same time as always!!
  11. What time is the general finish time?
  12. Depends if you sit there yabbering at the end for half the night (which always seems to be me!) but normally around the 9.30 to 10pm range.
  13. This weeks TNR is cruisey. Its a social run through the city to Wellington Point, then a run through the back of Redland Bay, Mt Cotton area and ending at the Loganholme Maccas.
  14. what time start?
  15. So is this still on tomorrow? Thursday night? 7;15 at Maccas Milton?
  16. Hi Raid, Yes its on tonight. We are starting to meet at the officeworks two doors down because its less traffic and more space but some will be at macca's to start with. Like me...for tea! We meet at 7 for a 7.15 departure.
  17. Damn, was hoping to make this but I am stuck at work now.
  18. will probably try and make it
  19. ended up at officeworks carpark, but didn't see anyone at all there around 7:10 ish... hope you all had a good ride!
  20. We were all there, we didn't leave until 7.20ish but we had migrated over to Maccas....there were 25 bikes...hard to miss
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