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[Thursday] Night Ride Sydneys Riders

Discussion in 'NSW' started by benn0551, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. I finally got around to joining the weekly ride and was amazed at how many people were there. Even in my car, I haven't passed so many bikers in a group.

    While it was fun, it also seemed to be a speed competition. I probably noticed moreso because I am on my Ps. I all too often speed in the car, knowing I have points to lose) but only few points on the motorcycle license and put more effort into staying within limits.

    Is it common for mass speeding on the Thursday nights? Do many NetRiders go?
  2. sydneysriders ripped off netrider name, bit unfair me thinks
  3. I hope Sydneys Riders do not generate too much attention, I can just see the cops turning up at Sydney Riders (which is the same Wednesday eastside meet as Netrider) coffee meet for rego and safety checks.
  4. Theres two of them? didnt know that.
  5. And would that be a bad thing? Taking 5 mins to check over your bike each day and keeping your paperwork organised and up to date isn't that much of a stretch... :-s
  6. My bike is mechanically perfect, its the pipes, driving lights, auxillary fuel tank, electrical mods etc, I would rather them not look at.
  7. Ahh.. right.
  8. Trust me if a cop wants to defect you they will do it :p (My friend has been defected in a stock Evo VII for failing the d1ckhead test)
    If they keep up acting the way they do cop attention is just a matter of time away
  9. Ive been on a few of tgese rides not this year though.
    Generally speaking yes they all go as fast as they can.
    I seen a guy over take a unmarked cop on unbroken line when we were heading to old road yes he got done, it was quite obvious a cop too.
    If you dont want to get pulled dont travel at the rear or front.
    Theres a large variation in skill level some are quite scary.
    Theres also been a few crashes when ive been with them.
    The atmosphere is good generally there all prety friendly.
    Theres alot of nuts too.
  10. If you're on your red P's any speeding fine = disqualification. So in essence you have no points.
  11. a speeding fine = suspension, a disqualification is much more serious
  12. I remember you saying this during the Old Pac run, when I was pointing at the Sydneys Rider sticker stuck on the metal railing. These guys sounds like a total opposite to Sydney Riders then. Certainly dont want nutters and accidents on a ride.
  13. Why couldn't the 2nd group think of a different name?!
  14. and why are you posting it on netrider - who doesn't have anything to do with either group?
  15. Its netrider...thats what we do :)
  16. Now I'm confused. I thought there was some sort of cross over considering the eastern suburbs coffee meet posted about in this forum (NSW) is netrider. Or am I missing something?
  17. it is mate, u are correct, ignore it
  18. oh okay, my mistake :)
  19. I was sitting at coogee one night last year. Wed or thurs can't remember. had about 50 bikes go past along arden st and turned down carr st at the view. Lots of L's and P's and lots of "interesting" riding going on. Don't know which group it was.