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Thursday Mystery Rides

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Booker, Oct 9, 2008.

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  1. Guy's,

    I am all for you getting together for a group ride but doing laps on a quiet suburban street at night is just not on!

    Personally our kids were quite scared with all the noise and it has taken awhile for them to get back to sleep.

    Surely there are plenty of roads that would be more suitable for a group ride.

  2. ...ditto

    after the third lot of laps I rang the local plod
    who appeared too late :evil:

    I bought a place in a bayside street that goes nowhere
    into another suburban street that goes nowhere
    and if anyone thinks its fun to pull monos
    at speeds in excess of the limit in this street...think again

    My neighbours across the road and next door are VicPol
    members..... I will be talking further to them about this.

    I hope the riders involved are NOT members here
  3. Good on you Booker for voicing your concerns in a rational, appropriate manner.

    Although I'm not a die-hard MR regular, I've been going to them on/off for 18 months now and really enjoy them. The first ride I went on there were 4 of us. Now the rides regularly get to the 60+ mark. It's only the really large group numbers now that put me off coming along more often than I do. The ride is only going to increase in numbers as word spreads and summer approaches.

    Big numbers mean:
    * that the ride is going to attract more police attention, which has been escalating in recent months
    * that the possibility for incidents is increased
    * that the ride is logistically more difficult to manage
    * that residents are disgruntled and rightly so.

    I want to come along on rides, but I don't want to annoy people in the progress.

    Isn't it perhaps time to look at the way the ride is configured? How about splitting in two, eg. a south-eastern meeting point and ride and a north-western one. That way the ride we know and love still continues but in a more manageable, less harmful way.

    Smitty, would you please consider allowing us to do some self-regulation before siccing the cops onto us?
  4. :nopity: Hi and welcome to the forums

    i have been on dozens of MR's over the last year and a bit. At no stage has one ever done "Laps" of a suburban area.

    IF this was the case it was most likely the ride leader getting lost or just someone being a dickhead.

    It is not against the law to ride through suburban areas and anyone who wishes to break the speed limmit or the road laws in anyway does so off their own bat and is not the responsibility of "the group".
  5. So who wants to do a "not the mystery ride" mystery ride?

  6. I have no problems with a bunch of riders (small or large) going
    down my street (some of my mates do meet me here)

    ..but I do have a problem if
    they speed (the street is quite narrow with blind spots and parked cars)
    act like idiots (weaving or monos is not on)
    think its fun to do 'laps' of suburban streets using the above riding habits

    As I said, I hope the riders involved were not members here
    I will leave it at that ...
  7. Are you sure it was the mystery ride?

    (moved to General)
  8. I think the OP has made a fair post and it should be taken on board. The MR leaders (of course it's them Rob ;)) are on the whole a good bunch of people with a love of motorcycling at heart. Instead of bagging the OP out Slick, perhaps take it as some constructive critisism and incorporate it into future rides.

  9. Best they come to my street. Plenty of hoon room.
  10. You know me Dougz, just giving them the benefit of the doubt... :)

    Good call by the way. :)
  11. i reserve my right to bag all posts. i was obviously absent tonight so i dont take it as criticism at all.

    its not great that his kids didnt get a good nights sleep. however i have little time for wowsers and my point remains valid, i have never witnessed such actions on a MR before. and at the start of every MR it is asked that people behave. so if it was the MR I am saying that it is well outside the normal spirit of the ride.

    why don't we start the whole bi-monthly Mystery ride debate a little earlier this month :roll:
  12. Yeah, bring it on, and blame megahoon Johnny O.
  13. I don't think JohnyO is in anyway involved in these rides.

    He's been busy making cupcakes.
  14. Or you can just be a whiny little biatch :roll: Grow up Ben.
  15. OK Dougz, I'll be the whinger
  16. meow ease up champ, no need to get personal. im just putting my point out there that its not normal.

    If you dislike the rides so much continue not coming, that will teach em'
  17. im beginning to think johhny and megahoon may actually be the same person.

    sure johhny wears glasses and megahoon dosen't, but i never see them in the same place at the same time....hmmm
  18. :LOL: @ Ben

    Fair enough mate, didn't mean to get personal I've got a screaming child in my arms right now :eek:

    I was just saying that the OP had a fair point and you were being a bit harsh on him. The MR is becoming more and more successful and with the greater numbers comes greater responsibility is all :)
  19. of course it was....but is the internet really anyplace for making fair points....i just saw a photo of 2 japaneese chicks making out with octopie on their heads :shock:

    if sucess was measured in numbers...india might beat us at cricket :LOL:

    the most enjoyable mystery ride I ever went on there was 5 other bikes.
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