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Thursday 3rd Jan, North of Sydney ride

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Toecutter, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. To celebrate the end of Double Demerits, heading off from Mobil Berowra @ say 10.15am.

    I should get there by 10.00am so feel free to join syd rs125 and I.

    Post your interest and an alternative meet up point if you like - say Jerrys @ Kulnura for any Central Coasters/Novacastrians @ around 11am
  2. Where you planning to ride to?
  3. im am so in.

    i also got booked on double demerits. :p
  4. Happy to ride to Wollombi, Broke and if everyone's keen, up to Dungog via Gresford - decent days ride, and pretty much all backroads :cool:

    No need to do the whole loop, you can always come back from Wollombi or Broke if someone needs to be back earlier (if you don't know the roads - there are no turn-offs to get back to F3).
  5. I'm keen to do the whole thing.
  6. I'm a bit novice and have never done a long ride really curious to know how long of a ride is this (in hrs) what level riding skill should I be at to join you?
  7. The day will be as long as you want it to be. What bike are you on? How long have you been riding? What is your current longest ride in a day?

    Main thing is to ride within your limits - I know these roads fairly well, and will highlight the places to take extra care. I don't mind waiting for as long as necessary, but crashing really puts a dampener on the day.

    From Berowra to Wollombi is less than 90 mins and Broke is 30 mins further on. So say two hours plus lunch. You can head back after any of these stops.

    The next part is another 90 mins to Dungog, arriving @ 1.30-2.00pm and I'd guess we'll be back at Berowra @ 5.30-6.00pm

    Wouldn't recommend the day for Learners, but a competent P plater shouldn't have too many dramas, as there are plenty of windy bits were if you're averaging 80kmh, you'll be doing really well :cool:
  8. I'm riding a CBR 250 Been riding for around 8 mnths now on my P's for around 5 mnths I feel pretty competent. Longest ride was through National Park Rd went for around 1hr then turned off and came back to city on the freeway. Could've gone on but was by myself so decided it was long enough.

    When you say Crashing puts a dampener on the day !?! I've never crashed my bike have you lost it on this particular stretch?
  9. No, but someone I took on this ride has. Thompson's Bridge just before Wollombi, single lane wooden bridge but it was pouring - so not much going for us.

    There are a few steep descents, and these are not the places to see how late you can brake into a corner.

    The main thing is to see how you feel at each stop, bring a Camelback if you have one, or get a Gatorade at each stop. You just gotta stay alert, ride within your limits and you'll be fine.
  10. Ok I'm sure i'll be fine will find out if I'm working Thursday or not and let you know if I'm in.
  11. Ok, i dont really consider myself a beginner, but i know that im not valentino rossi. I think the riders/ride and conditions will be ok for me. I need to practise cornering, will ask for tips.

    whats does everyone ride? ive got a black 07 zx6r.
  12. If i make it I'll be on a Black CBR 250R. I think the ride will be fine even if you're not Valentino I'll wait for you mate :wink:
  13. Ive done this run before and i'm on an aprilia rs125 and been on Ls for 8 months but it's sweet as u get a little sore but i kept up with most bikes and there was only 1 other 250 when i went although the 1000's and 600's hooned off on the straights theres alway's someone waiting at junction points so u shouldn't get lost.
  14. If anyones riding frem or through the city to get to the meeting point should meet up with me before and ride together.
  15. sorry. i live in quakers hill. so im going through castle hill road, then onto the f3 to the mobile. is that right?

    take berowa waters exit. 10am, means ill leave home about 9am i think.
  16. Don't know directions from your area i have never met at this place but i think it's easy enough just have a look on google maps
  17. i am interested, i am only on my Ls have been for about 3 months (had the bike for 1 month) only major thing is would we be back to berowa before 2pm? or 230?
    also is there fuel stops as my NSR only seems to get about 180km out of a tank!

    Also comming from northern beaches if anyone else is. will confirm later tonight
  18. yea u should come would be good to have another 2 smoke.
  19. u can leave whenever u want.
  20. Yeah i am seriously thinking about it, just unsure exactly where the Mobile Berowra is, i know the train station and to get there i go through Hornsby from memory.
    I just need to make sure im back in time for work at 5pm, also are their heaps of petrol stations on this route?