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Thursday 30th Apollo Bay Lunch Ride. Official announcement

Discussion in 'VIC' started by robsalvv, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Following the discussion of the now locked thread


    And the instructions per
    I'm officially announcing the ride.

    Lunch at the Apollo bay hotel, via Lorne, Via Deans Marsh.

    >Google Map <

    So anyone who feels their competence is up to the challenge of the ride is welcome to join me. There might be some (sensibly) spirited riding at times... but I haven't done Deans Marsh road in a looooong time, so I'll be taking it relatively easy. Then there's the hopefully tourist and plod free GOR to Apollobay. I'm happy for more experienced riders to go on ahead.

    Steal yourselves for the mind numbing freeway legs, there and back!

    BOM says that Thursday is the pick of the days. Fine and 25. Coastal forecasts predicts winds from 10 - 15knots.

    Hopefully the weather remains good. The late afternoon and evening is predicted to start to turn to crap, so there's a window of opportunity to take advantage of.

    Leaving 9:30am from the Shell servo on the Point cook road exit off the Westgate freeway (AKA the M1), AltonaMeadows. Melways reference 53 B11. There's a subway there if you want to get there a bit earlier for brekky.

    Fuel splash and dash on the outbound side of Geelong, a short coffee/fuel (if needed) break in Lorne, then lunch at Apollobay. Follow the reverse path an hour or so later.

    Bring a small mortgage to refuel at Apollobay!!!

    Brij +1 maybe maybe
    Port +1

    Definite Maybes

    Port, let me know where we're picking you up.

  2. Rob, I've decided to not be such a girly girl and meet at Shell in Point Cook. Can't wait to head off, should be an awesome ride.
  3. OK Port, we'll see you at the Shell at the appointed time! :)

    Here's a screen snip of the appointed place - there's a servo attached to the subway.


  4. By the way, :applause: thank you Caz for explaining and looking after the transition between ride planning and ride event :) Taaaaa muchly :)
  5. Anyone else got the opportunity to come for a stroll?

    NightGash, Roderick are you guys in? ?

    We should be well shielded from the wind on the way back until we pop out of the forest and into the outskirts of Deans Marsh. Then it's a straight run back to Melbourne.

    Believe me a North wind is much better than a South wind! I've been on the GOR when its been wet from sea spray and the occasional tip of a wave... :shock:

    25 degrees is perfect riding weather, but watch out for the dehydration - it'll creep up on you and makes riding very uncomfortable! Drink up!

    Looking forward to the blatt. :)


  6. Hooray for everything! Look forward to tomorrow! :) :) :)
  7. Utter, utter bastards!

    Just got 'needed' at work. :evil:
  8. Yep, I'm coming along Rob.

    I just got back from a ride with Nibor and chris_gsf250v, and I don't feel totally stuffed, so I think I'll make the distance tomorrow.

    There is a story to tell from today as well. I'll leave that to Nibor though.
  9. On cue my family just decided to get sick again, this will be the third ride I have had to pull out of due to family illness :(
  10. Cool. See ya then. Check for a pm.

    Triway and Port - spewwwww! We'll miss ya's :(

    Port, hope your sick family mend quickly.
  11. Hey rob, couldn't reply to your question on the previous thread as it had been locked. The road condition is pretty good (nothing like the spur though) but nothing to complain about. :biker:
  12. Thanks for the heads up Minna. :) http://www.netrider.com.au/images/smilies/coolthumb.gif
  13. There is a slim chance I may still just show up in the morning....

    /me prays to the motorcycling gods by putting forth some sacrificial squids and 2 strokers
  14. Rightio, I'm heading over to Mark's place right now with a goat and some innocent kittens, and we'll be making time honoured sacrifices for you.


    Hope to see ya tomorrow.
  15. I shall see you tomorrow. Just cleaned the bike, am a bit worried about the gale force wind warning in the western coast region?

    I will be on a purple FZR250R. Looks like the only 250cc out there tomorrow! Hopefully I won't hold you guys up but we shall see.
  16. Nightgash, I'm on a 250 spada... and I have the dork spoiler attached! I'm sure I'll be lagging behind you!
  17. Have a lovely day. Rob, dont hurt the kitties. I love kitties. :( I dont care what you do to the goat though. :grin:

  18. Yup, well unfortunately that wind is looking a little too strong for my liking to ride in, so unfortunately I wont be joining you on the bike.... I will however come down in my car considering I've taken the day off anyway. Haven't even driven down there since starting to ride so will be nice to view the road with fresh eyes.
    Therefore consider my car your daggy support vehicle..... At least I have the NR sticker on the back! lol
  19. No probs Brij. Having a support car will be awesome!

    There's hardly a breeze at my place, but that should change later. BOM is predicting 5m sees off the coast!!! Spirit of tassie is in for a rough ride!

    Laverton weather station reports 37km/h gusts... pffffffft! LOL

    No problem Kate, we didn't hurt your pussies... er... :LOL:

    Off we go!!
  20. Aww Brij, you didn't have to go to that length to bring the coffee machine, but thanks anyways. Tall, two sugars thanks. :wink:

    Leaving in 10mins.