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Thursday 2 June - Ride

Discussion in 'VIC' started by CeeKill, May 31, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I have a day off on Thursday 2/6. Anybody wanna come for a ride with me? The weather gonna be 19 and sunny!

    Thinking of doing the same route we did last Sunday. Love those twisties... :)


  2. What time are ya thinking? I finish work at 7am and wanna head out for a few hours before I need to catch up on sleep
  3. Glad you liked the route! I'm normally up for mid week rides but obviously will have to wait a few weeks.
  4. I'm thinking about 10am start, wanna wait after school starts and probably get back before school finishes.

    7/11 (used to be Mobil) at corner of Stud and Wellington road.

    yian, are you sure that's ok after night shift?

    moto2, your bike still mechanically sounds, right? Thinking of coming along?

    I might not be able to reply tonight. I'll make it 10am tomorrow and wait for 15 mins then head out.

    Here is the map.

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. I'm a definite possibility....love the run through Noojee / Willow Grove.

    I'll post in the morning if definite
  6. Yea mate I don't normally sleep till after lunch anyways. But 10am might be a bit late if the ride will go for a couple hours. Will post in morn if I am coming
  7. I'm in...see you at 10
  8. Thanks Peter for the ride and helped me picking up my bike :(

    I'll assess the damage later. Applying icepack to L) knee now.:cry:

    On the bright side, maybe I'll have another day off tomorrow. :p
  9. No, you as well? Willowgrove rd?

    $2,100 damage to my bike. Get it back in a few weeks.
  10. Say what? The R) fairing costs 2100? Umm... isn't your bike worth around $3000 anyway? 8-[

    I dropped it at the corner of Patemoster and C411. It's a steep right hand turn into a T intersection. I must had braked, while turning on a wet/slippery road. :( In fact, cougs also locked up his bike coming to a stop behind me.
  12. :(

    glad you're okay. get your knee checked out.

    was the ride good otherwise?
  13. Doh that's no good. I went out by myself right after work. Hope everything heals up good
  14. Yep, thanks for the ride and bad luck on the drop. Make sure you look after the knee.

    Was quite slippy pulling up on that intersection.

    Looks like just cosmetic damage but always $$$ when it comes to fairings.....

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  15. Thanks guys. I've been applying icepack and popping ibuprofen. Gonna take a day off tomorrow and get my knee check out.
  16. Damn dude that no good.....get well. Theres always the Supercheap fiberglass kit for that fairing....hope everything is A OK on the checkup.
  17. So I just rang vic wreckers. They want $300 for the front headlight cowl (with scratches on the RHS), left side fairing for $250 and the left seat panel for $80.

    Meanwhile, I can get a brand new set from here for less than that price... :-s

    I think I'll keep riding with the damage for now. :)