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Thurs night - Platinum Cafe Run

Discussion in 'VIC' started by kampa77, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. We meet at Platinum Cafe on McCauley Street ( North Melbourne ) aka "The Diner" at 7pm for a 7:30pm departure.

    The rides typically include a section or two of highway riding, then hills, corners and fun..!!!

    Due to the nature of these rides, please ensure that you have the correct gear on, and that your tank is topped off.

    Stay upright everyone, and most of all, enjoy...!!!
  2. Thurs 4th Feb ( next Thurs ) meet as above but dress warm. There's going to be some freeway ( not too much ) then hills, sweeping to sharp corners and lots of riding fun.

    Please ensure the tanks full ( nearest servo - corner of McCaulay and Arden or cnr of Racecource road & Flemmington Rds) and be ready for a 7:30pm departure...


    Its going to be a great, no BS, night with some of the good, experienced "old crew" riders, that want more than a suburb ride...
  3. Can learners come or only for full licensed riders?
  4. Anyone's welcome, so long as your a confident rider who's capible of riding with other highly experienced riders over a diverse range of roads :)

    There's always corner markers and a tail end to collect them, wich keeps the ride going at a nice pace.

    The last 2 rides were to Kinglake and the Dandenongs to the back of Emerald etc etc - nice quick rides over some awesome roads.
  5. Is this a regular or one off?

    either way, put in a calendar entry for the 4th, otherwise, according to the T&C's, this thread has to go. A calendar entry will serve your purposes better anyway.
  6. This is a regular ride, every thurs night ride.... :)
  7. I take it you didn't put in a calendar entry then... ok then...
  8. Is this ride still going ahead...
  9. pretty sure its a set thing each week now its the group that dont wanna piss off the police at BP in Stkilda that are leaving from here on seperate rides now.

    if this isnt going ahread the BP one will be... either or your choice.
  10. I'd prefer to depart from the diner as it's closer to me. Though I was only asking if it's going ahead due to the rain, not that it bothers me.
  11. It goes ahead .. rain , hail or shine , it's the number of bikes that go that varies ...
    normally a longer more challenging ride then the Tuesday learners one that also leaves from the diner ( on a Tuesday of course 8-[).
  12. So who turned up last week. The diner guy said no-one.
  13. Will be a good ride tonight everyone.. make sure you come in full protective gear and dress warm...
  14. Meh, I'll be at the BP as per usual on Thursdays.

    See you all there.

  15. Fun ride and nice philosophy; out of the burbs and into the twisties ;)
  16. Awesome ride tonight guys... nothing like an "Arthurs Seat" ride on a Thurs night blow em cobwebs away..!! Next Thurs's going to be even better... Woodside, here we come..!!!
  17. Isn't Woodside too far for a Thurs night run. That would take like over 3 hours and is 230km one way...
  18. In the vacinity of Woodside..!!! There's some excellent roads out there, and leaving from the diner, its a quick squirt up to Sunbury where to fun begins... :)
  19. Sounds good kampa77 I think next Thursday I will have to come down and start doing these rides and meet all you guys.